Highschool Romance

Download Highschool Romance and dive into a heartwarming tale of love, friendship, and self-discovery! Make choices that shape your story and explore the ups and downs of high school life. Ready to experience a whirlwind of emotions? Play now!
a game by Dharker Studio
Platform: PC (2015)
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Highschool Romance
Highschool Romance
Highschool Romance
Highschool Romance

Becoming the only guy in a girls' school is a dream for many, but not for the main character in the eroge novella Highschool Romance. What good is studying if you're seen as just another cute student? Finding love in such a situation is the hardest test that the hero is willing to pass.

Mistake or planned set-up?

Shodji's parents can provide their beloved son with everything but a permanent place to stay. Working for the government requires constant moving and changing schools, which is not something Shodji himself likes very much. To avoid dragging their son around, his parents decide to send him to a private residential school where their son can stay and not be the new kid every year. However, the new school turns out to be a private girls' academy and the guys there are not allowed even a pistol shot. What will the hero do and will he be able to find his ultimate school?

Skirt as a disguise

The young principal was as surprised by Shodji's arrival as Shodji himself. Although the school was open to everyone a couple of years ago, but times have changed and it's impossible to kick the poor guy out into the street, either. The decision is made by himself. The cute and feminine guy is quite able to pretend to be a girl and legally attend classes as the most ordinary student.

Three doubting hearts

Shoji turned out to be a very pretty girl and no one even began to suspect him of pretending. During his studies, the main character wanted to make friends and maybe have a relationship, but in a school full of girls, he lost all hope. However, the skirt does not embarrass some ladies and so the hero may try to have a relationship with:

  • Lea is the young principal of the school. Perhaps too young looking, for it is very easy to confuse her with a student. She is the one who came up with the plan to transform the protagonist and only she knows his secret
  • Selina is the playful optimist and the school's top athlete. Selina is the first friend of the protagonist, who helps him get used to the school.
  • Hoshi is the main character's class leader. The responsible, quiet and well-read girl is looking for a friend in the protagonist to talk to. She is the protagonist's best friend, and she tries to find a way to make her friend talk to him, except that her pajamas, which are translucent, are not exactly relaxed and casual.

A nice time at a girl's private school can't even be marred by wearing a skirt. Pretend to be a girl, but don't lose your adolescent charm, which will make the heart of one of the three heroines of the Highschool Romance novella thaw.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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