Hounds of the Meteor

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a game by DogFactory
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Hounds of the Meteor
Hounds of the Meteor
Hounds of the Meteor
Hounds of the Meteor

Hounds of the Meteor arguably has the most badass name for a video game. It is like something an 80s heavy metal band would have called their album! This is not your typical lewd game. Instead of being a lewd visual novel or a lewd RPG, what we have here is a lewd side scrolling action game. It may not be perfect, but I enjoyed my time with this and think that is well worth your time checking out if you want an action game with lots of XXX content.

A Sci-Fi Classic

I know that when I tell you the story of Hounds of the Meteor is about a badass chick that is trying to save the universe from evil, you may roll your eyes. I will admit that the premise may not exactly be something that is going to win any awards for originality. However, this is very well written and Rena, the main character is a pretty cool lady and I liked how she was a hero that was not scared to get her hands dirty. The story is way better than I was expecting and I got really into it.

Turning The Page!

While the story of Hounds of the Meteor being better than I expected took me by surprise, I was also surprised that the game had choices to make in the story as well. These are not just casual choices that amount to nothing. I felt like the choices I was making in terms of what I was saying and in my actions did have an effect on the way that things went forward. It was very well done and an extra layer to the gameplay that I was not expecting.

Action Jackson!

The gameplay of Hounds of the Meteor is probably what I liked best about it. It is a side scroller where you select what moves you want to use and you do have a nice selection of Van Damme style moves to use. You also have some stats and a suit that can be improved. Part of the gameplay is that when you lose an encounter, you get a XXX scene and these are fun. I did feel like the jumping was kind of floaty, but that was my only criticism of the gameplay. Some folks have stated that they felt changing moves was a bit awkward, but that was not the case for me.

Lewd How I Wanna Be!

The presentation of Hounds of the Meteor is some of the best that I have seen in a game of this style. The actual gameplay scenes are great, they have a kind of 90s early 00s pre-rendered look to them which I like. There is also lewd content in the core gameplay, you can get banged by enemies with the gameplay sprites and that is pretty cool. The quality of the renders that tell the story and are used for the XXX scenes are amazing! They are well animated and the Rena is such a hot chick!


As far as lewd action games go, I would have to say that Hounds of the Meteor is one of the better ones I have played. The gameplay does have some depth to it and it may take a little while to get to grips with, but once you do, you will be having a lot of fun. You even want to lose the odd fight so you can see Rena get banged! The story and the presentation are also fantastic and a huge part of what makes this such a great package and a game that is very easy for me to recommend to you.


  • The game tells an interesting and fun sci-fi story
  • Rena is a fantastic main character and she is hot!
  • The gameplay is action packed and fun
  • This game has some amazing lewd content


  • Some of the things that bang Rena are kind of gross
  • Some people have said that they had a hard time figuring out how to do different moves

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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