Kengo: Master Of Bushido

a game by LightWeight
Genres: Action, Fighting Games
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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Kengo: Master Of Bushido
Kengo: Master Of Bushido
Kengo: Master Of Bushido
Kengo: Master Of Bushido

Originally designed for the PS, Bushido Blade developer Lightweight has pushed back the release of its next samurai fighting game to Q1 2001. and are now developing it exclusively for the PS2. As in the BB games, those expecting a button-masher will be sorely disappointed: In addition to the life meter, Kengo has a 'ki' or spirit bar, which drops each time you attack. Being patient, watching for openings and carefully choosing your attacks are the keys to victory here, not memorizing 300-hit chain combos. Other features include a reputation system, based on the honor and technique you display in battle, various training modes, and the ability to save your advanced characters to the memory card and fight against your friend's warriors.

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Playstation 2

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A few years back, a maverick developer in Squaresoft's stable attempted to create something fresh in the stagnant fighting game genre, which you and I came to know as Bushido Blade. That unique little fighter and the sequel it spawned proved that fighting games don't have to be all life-bars and dragon-punches.

The developer, Lightweight, in alliance with Crave, has returned to the fray once more, with a similarly themed sword-slasher titled Kengo: Master of Bushido. Balance is the key to success in this game: Through battle and training, you can improve your warrior's stats, and gain fighting prowess through each successive victory. Watching your "k1" meter will alert you to when your energy is low, and subsequently, your inner strength. Deliberate action takes precedent over button-mashing, which is highlighted by the fact that one hit can end a match. The early version we've been playing has a few graphic and control issues, but hopefully they will be ironed out soon.

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