Legend of Legaia

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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 11 votes
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Legend of Legaia
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Legaia

From the creators of Wild Arms storms Legend of Legaia, an impressively innovative RPG that features a compelling story line, a unique combat system, and 3D polygonal graphics.

Mist Off

The world of Legaia would be a beautiful place.. .if it wasn't for all the damn mist And it's not just the scenery that's affected by it--the mist brings madness and death to whatever it touches! It's even turning a once-friendly substance, Seru, into a ruthless killer. The only thing capable of stopping the vile water vapor is the life-giving Genesis Tree. Playing as the game's hero, Vaghn, it's your job to find the seven dying Genesis Trees, revive them, and evaporate the evil mist.

Kung-Fu Fighting

Legend of Legaia features a new twist to traditional turn-based RPG combat called the Tactical Arts System. When it's your turn to attack, you choose where you want your punches and kicks to hit your opponent For example, if you select High, Low, High, you will strike your opponent in the head, the body, then the head again. As you learn new combos, your attacks become stronger and more spectacular. Plus, you can buy new weapons and armor at the town store, and acquire the deadly art of magic as you progress through the game.

Legaia's 3D martial-arts combat graphics are intense: As you watch your enemies get smacked around, you'd swear you were playing a fighting game rather than an RPG. The game also sports splashy fisticuffs effects, visible weapons and armor, facial expressions on the characters, and hundreds of ugly monsters to battle. Legend of Legaia is shaping up to be a hot RPG prospect for 1999. Look for it to hit stores in March.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Many RPG fans have been wondering if there would be a Wild Arms 2 anytime soon. Regrettably, the answer would be no, but that's not to say that Contrail, those busy beavers responsible for Wild Arms, has been lying around doing nothing. Far from it. Instead, you can look forward to their newest title, Legend of Legaia, due out in March. Originally released in Japan just this past winter, Legaia is making its way to U.S. shores surprisingly fast. Boasting an innovative new battle engine called the "Tactical Arts System," Legend of Legaia attempts to take the RPG genre in new directions with this unique new approach. While not exactly Tekken 3, think of the battle-system used in Xenogears but pumped up on steroids and you might get the picture.

The world is being enveloped by a mysterious mist, and people are turning into strange and horrible creatures whenever they come into contact with it. Assuming control of the main character, Vahn, you must attempt to save the world by reviving the many Genesis Trees found throughout the land. These trees will destroy the mist, with the help of you and your friends Noa and Gala. Assisted by magical creatures called "Ra-Seru," you and your comrades will use a wide variety of Super-Arts to defeat the many enemies you'll encounter.

Unlike Wild Arms, Legend of Legaia is a completely 3D RPG. Every detail, from the towns to the characters, is rendered in polygons, as are the battle scenes. Legaia is also compatible with the Dual Shock analog controller and provides force-feedback effects during battles. With Final Fantasy VIII scheduled to arrive in America much later in the year, the timing looks to be perfect for Legend of Legaia. In any case, this RPG will definitely warrant a look from hard-core RPG fanatics and casual fans alike.

Garner's Edge

The Tactical Arts System is reminiscent of the battle engine in Xenogears. Instead of inputting circle's and x's, you press up, down, left and right for punch, kick, low attack and high attack. Later on in the game, you are able to input more powerful commands. The battle scenes look like a simplified fighting game, and that's what gives this RPG a unigue twist. Further on in the game you'll learn other Tactical Arts, like Super-Arts, that offer more spectacular results.

Legend of Legaia mixes traditional RPG components with fighting-game tactics to provide gamers with an innovative, action-packed masterpiece. If you're in the mood for an epic adventure filled with multiple subplots, get your green thumb ready to save some trees and bust some chops.

Not Just a Bunch of Hippie Crap

You start your adventure playing as the young hunter, Vahn, who's determined to rid the world of an evil mist that brings death and madness to whatever it touches in Legaia. To return Legaia to normal and drive away the malignant mist, you must find and revive the seven life-giving Genesis Trees as well as destroy the three mist generators. Along the way, you'll team up with the wilderness girl, Noa, and the Biron monk. Gala, who'll help you save the trees and dispose of Legaia's permeating evil.

Peace, Love, and Death!

What separates Legaia from other RPGs is its Tactical Arts System of fighting, which is based on the same premise as battle systems in other fantasy adventure games--but instead of just clicking on the character you want to bust up, you actually choose where you want to hit them. For example, if you're fighting a Killer Bison, you can strike it with low, mid-range or high attacks. If you're fighting a floating Guardian, however, you'll win only if you strike it with mid-range to high attacks.

In addition to its innovative batde system, Legaia sports some of the best graphics, sound, and control around. Each character commands the screen in full polygonal splendor with dazzling detail. The control interface is also very intuitive and easy to get used to, while the sound booms from your speakers with an excellent soundtrack and kick-ass in-game effects.

Fighting and Tree-Hugging All in One

Legend of Legaia is a well-crafted adventure that excellently weaves an epic story line and incredibly addicting gameplay with topnotch graphics, excellent control, and mood-inducing sounds and effects. If you're a fan of RPGs, you need to buy this game--today!


  • When battling the two Viguros in the East Voz Forest concentrate your attacks first on one, then on the other.
  • Zeto's a tough crab to crack. Hake sure all your characters' magic and health meters are maxed out, or you won't stand a chance.
  • Don't worry when you're battling the Seru in Drake Castle or Biron Monastery-there are rooms where you can recharge all your magk and hit points as often as needed.
  • After reuniting with Gala Biron Monastery and before leaving East Voz Forest, go see Kin to leam Battering Ram Art.
  • In the Drake Castle courtyard, respond to Noa's questions in the following order to receive 10 Healing Shrooms: Healing Berry, escape from the dungeon, Wats.


Each character, from Noa to the crab-like Zenoir. busts onscreen in polygonal brilliance, and every batde is a feast for the eyes. You'll marvel as Gala rips through his opponent with a supercharged Power Punch or when Vahn shreds three ghouls with his magical Theezer laser.


Legaia features a very mood-inspiring soundtrack that's soothing in times of peace and frantic in times of war. The spell and battle effects are awesome, thundering with rich, booming clarity. If Legaia contained spoken dialogue, the overall sound score would be perfect


You won't find a control interface that's easier to manage than Legaia's--and that's quite a feat considering all the combos and spells you have at your disposal. Plus, navigating through your inventory items is a snap--even newbies will have no problem whatsoever.

Fun Factor

Legend of Legaia is straight-up addicting! Its awesome graphics, refreshingly innovative Tactical Arts System, and extremely deep story line make it the best RPG yet this year. If you're a fan of the genre, you must have this game.

People say:


While Guardian's Crusade turned out to be mare of a cutesy, "beginner's" RPG. Legend of Legaia is (he exact opposite: This game is definitely geared more toward hardcore fans of the genre. You know, the kind of people (like me) who don't mind getting into battles every two minutes, and spending nearly as much time building up their characters and spells as they do developing the plot and progressing through the game. And believe me, there's plenty of game here enough to keep you occupied for at least/(o hours if you're thorough. Story-wise, Legaia doesn't break any new ground (it's far better than Wild ARMS' sleep-inducing story, though), and the game sports some very nice graphics and sounds. Still. Legaia's main draw is its innovative battle system. Once you learn a decent amount of Arts for each character, putting them to use in battle becomes quite fun, especially when you start linking up your attacks. On the downside, the battles are long and drawn-out (not having an option to skip battle animations really sucks), and with so many fights, you'll find yourself switching to auto battle more often than not as you progress. Still, on the whole I really enjoyed Legaia. If you're an RP& fan you'd be a fool to pass it up it'll hold you over nicely until .Sony's next big RPG hits in June...


If you can't wait until FFVIII comes along, Legaia might just be your thing. While significantly better than Wild ARMs, there are still things that bother me. The story is fairly cool, and it unfolds in typically linear fashion, but I do find that the battles come too frequently for my taste. Also, like Square's Xenogears, the combo attack system (while pretty cool soon becomes tired and you find yourself opting for the auto battle option.


Although it's nothing revolutionary. Legend of Legaia is still an all-around solid RPG. You get a cool, lengthy story. The music, heavy with percussion and very Panzer Dragoonish, is quite nice. I really like the magic and battle systems- to an extent. Battles pop up too frequently (I'm really getting tired of random combat). In the end. I just auto-battled through most of the fights. Tans of traditional, old-school RPGs will like it.


legaia really surprised me in a very good way. The battle/fighting system is very cool and gets my vote as the best interactive battle system yet. I especially like that the characters have facial expressions in battle which adds to the experience. There's also lots of inside jokes related to Anime and other RPGs which is great for those in the know. The music is the only weak spot. Now I want a sequel for Wild ARMs AND Legaia!

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