Lewd Leaf Land

Download Lewd Leaf Land and check out one of the cutest and sexiest lewd platform games ever made. Play as a sexy tanuki looking chick that is exploring the woods looking for leaves. It has a lovely art style and the sexual content here is more magical than hardcore!
a game by AheGames
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 8.9/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 14 votes
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Lewd Leaf Land
Lewd Leaf Land
Lewd Leaf Land

Lewd Leaf Land is one of the most fun little lewd games I have played in quite some time. This is a very short game, but it is perfect if you are looking for something that is short, sweet, and a lot of fun too. It is a platformer and one of the better lewd platformers out there actually. I really hope that the developer sees all the good vibes that people have about this game as I would love to see them take this concept further and make a full game around it.

A Nice Cup Of Tea

The whole plot and premise of Lewd Leaf Land is not taking itself too seriously at all and that is something I really do appreciate. The game is about this cute and mind of dorky Tanuki-Girl that gets woken up in the middle of the night by a bright moon. She decides that she will head out into the woods to gather up some leaves so that she can make herself a nice relaxing cup of tea. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the woods can get pretty freaking weird at night.

Pixel Cutie

The whole style of Lewd Leaf Land is something that I really like the retro pixel style of the graphics is something that has a ton of charm to it. The Tanuki Girl that we play as kind of reminds me of Eileen from Regular Show which is fun. You have a nice large portrait of her on the right side of the screen and the game screen is contained in its own box. The woods have a nice “fall” design to them and overall, the game is just very charming to look at. It does also have a few lewd images too and these are done in that same retro style. Eventually, she gets fully naked and her game sprite and the portrait are naked as you play.

A Good, But Short Time

I do have to say that Lewd Leaf Land is a very short game. There are a couple of runs that you have to do and the game revolves around collecting leaves and heading to the end of the level. There is no counter for how many you need, you just pick them all up as you go. She can jump and if you hold the jump button she can float for a few seconds. The controls are tight enough and there are other stages (that use the same level) where you have to avoid these eyeball creatures as well as collect the leaves. Your reward if you make it to the end is a hook up with a hunky forest stud!


I really did have a fun time with Lewd Leaf Land. It is clearly inspired by the classic Super Mario games and they really have crafted a fun little platformer here. I ended up actually playing through it a few times. The whole game just has a ton of charm to it and it is the kind of game that I would love to see expanded upon at some point. They would not even have to change the gameplay or art style, just give us more of this and I and most other people would be very happy about that!


  • The Tanuki Chick we play as is super dorky and super cute
  • I love the retro style of the game
  • It is very addictive to play through
  • The game has a fun sense of humor about it


  • My biggest complaint is that it is so good, I really wanted more
  • I do wish she had a way of defending herself from the eyeball creatures

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Lewd Leaf Land: Maple Tea Ecstasy is one of my all time favorite lewd games and I am so excited to get the chance to chat with you fine folks about it. This is an epic lewd platformer and the only issue I have ever had with it is that I wish there was more of it as it is very short! It is the kind of game that you can play through multiple times and it is the kind of game that is perfect to fire up when you need cheering up. I truly cannot say enough nice things about this.

A Cup Of Tea Guvnor?

While Lewd Leaf Land: Maple Tea Ecstasy is not exactly packed with storytelling and lore, I still think that it has a fun premise. Our main character or hero is you prefer is a super cute tanuki girl that wakes up and has a real craving for a cup of tea! That is all well and good, but as she has no tea in her house, she is going to have to go into the woods to find some tea leaves to cure her tea cravings.

Retro In The Best Way

Before you roll your eyes at me for telling you that this is a retro looking pixel art style of game, hear me out! Lewd Leaf Land: Maple Tea Ecstasy is some of the best pixel art that I have seen in a game! I just love the whole style of what they have going on here. Our tanuki chick with her nerdy glasses could not be any cuter. I like how there is a big portrait of her on the screen at all times. It is just such a charming game and I love the fall colors that are used to bring the woods to life. There is lewd content here and it is very well done and as our hero is so cute, I was very happy to see it. Still, it is not as XXX as you may think.

Explore The Woods Not The Mushroom Kingdom

A huge part of the appeal of Lewd Leaf Land: Maple Tea Ecstasy is the gameplay. This is a classic 2D style platform game and our little tanuki lady can run, jump and float in a way similar to Mario when he is wearing the tanuki suit. The tight controls are just a lot of fun and while all you are doing is dodging enemies and finding tea leaves, it just has a very wholesome, relaxing, and fun feel to it that makes you want to play it again and again.

One More Time!

Lewd Leaf Land: Maple Tea Ecstasy is the kind of game that I have played through a ton of times and probably will do countless more times. You are rewarded for doing so, but the whole thing is just so relaxing and fun that it is always a pleasure to do so. I would hand on heart say that I play this game multiple times a year and I have never gotten bored of it. I have also never heard someone say that they do not like this game! I just wish that they took this and expanded it into a full Mario 3 or Mario World style adventure!


As you can tell, I freaking love this game! With my hand firmly on my heart and me also doing the scout's honor pose, I can tell you that this is one of my all time favorite lewd games. Lewd Leaf Land: Maple Tea Ecstasy just has so much style, charm, and personality that I do not see how anyone can like it and the more I play it, the more I enjoy it. There is no excuse why you should not play this game! It is fun and it asks for very little of your time.


  • Playing as a nerdy, but cute tanuki chick is awesome
  • I just love the whole quirky and wholesome vibe
  • The actual platforming gameplay is very smooth and tight
  • It has some of the best pixel art around


  • I wish that there was more content
  • We need a sequel or a deeper game based on this!

What we have here with Lewd Leaf Land is a game that I tend to fire up when I am in the mood for something fun and quick. It is a tremendous little lewd platform game and something I always have a fun time with. I would go as far as to say this is one of the best games of this style. The whole game for being lewd is just very wholesome and something that can always offer your mood a quick pick up if you should need it.

Heading Into The Woods

As someone that grew up in the UK, I know tea and I know it very well so the fact that the story Lewd Lead Land is telling is based around tea is something I got a kick out of. The main character is this very cute tanuki looking chick that ends up waking up one night and deciding that she needs a nice cup of tea. Problem is, she has nothing to make tea with so she has to head out into the woods to find some nice tea leaves so that she can enjoy a nice warm cup of tea.

So Cute, So Stylish

The pixel art style that Lewd Leaf Land has going on is something I truly do love. The cute tanuki girl that we play as is so charming and something that is just impossible not to be drawn to. One part of the screen is actually covered with a large portrait of her and the actual game screen is in a smaller box. The game has this very orange, red, autumn kind of vibe to it and that is something I like. I know that many games have a retro style these days, but this is one that I think has that retro style, but it puts its own spin on it which I feel helps it stand out.

Nothin, But A Good Time!

Perhaps the best compliment that I can give Lewd Leaf Land is that I wish there was more of it. This is a very short game and a game you can easily finish in one sitting. This is a cute platformer where we control our tanuki girl as she moves around the level trying to find all of the leaves. You just grab them as you make your way through the level. The platforming feels great and she has a kind of Mario 3, Tanuki Mario ability where she can float which is something I like. Sometimes there are enemies that you have to avoid as well as you progress through the level. The ultimate goal is to get your tea leaves and also bang the hunky dude at the end of the woods.


There are so many nice things that I can say about Lewd Leaf Land as it truly is a game that I adore. Clearly, Super Mario Bros 3 is the inspiration here and the game proudly wears that on its sleeve which I am more than fine with. The whole game just oozes style and is something that I just had a great deal of fun with. As, I said, I really wish this was a longer game and I hope that more and more people talk about this so the developer makes a full game based on this concept, I would pay good money for that!


  • The main character is so cute, but in a nerdy way which I love
  • The game has a Mario 3 vibe going on
  • The platforming feels great
  • If you love quirky games, you will get a kick out of this


  • The game is very short
  • I wish there was a sequel or an expanded version of the game

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