Lost Kingdoms 2

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a game by FromSoftware
Platform: GameCube
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Lost Kingdoms 2
Lost Kingdoms 2
Lost Kingdoms 2
Lost Kingdoms 2

The first Lost Kingdoms was a cult favorite RPG, thanks to its epic story line and unusual but surprisingly intuitive battle system. Lost Kingdoms II improves upon these strengths and addresses many of the originals weaknesses, which just might lift its cult status and turn it into a GameCube RPG worthy of everyones attention. LKII takes place 200 years after the first game. Evil wizards are threatening the Kingdom of Argwyll with synthesized Runestones talismans that summon and control monsters. You play as Tara, a young girl raised by thieves who mysteriously possesses a true Runestone and is, in short, the kingdoms only hope. Who is Tara? Whered she get one of them Runestones? Youll need to use the gems power to answer these questions and protect the realm from invaders.

The original battle system returns for the sequel, with some key enhancements. As before, collectible magic cards allow you to summon creatures that fight on your behalf in real-time. With experience, you can improve the creatures abilities. A new addition to the system lets you use multiple cards to launch powerful (and visually dazzling) combo attacks. And of course, youve got a much bigger deck to play with this time of the 200 cards to discover and power up, half of them are brand new. Having magical beasts fight for you is thrilling, sure, but sometimes you get a hankerin to dish out a spank-erin without proxies. LKII has many new cards that let you attack enemies directly or transform your character Altered Seosf-style and personally issue a beatdown. These transformation cards also help you solve puzzles and reach new areas you can morph into an aerial creature to fly over a broken bridge, for example.

Battles happen in real-time, but as in any good card game theres still plenty of strategy. All cards have associated elements that interact in rock-paper-scissors fashion: water defeats fire, fire defeats wood, and so on. Bear this in mind and use your cards wisely, lest you use alt your creatures and attacks, leaving Tara defenseless like the waify girl she is.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Imagine Pokemon with a voluptuous sorceress instead of a spunky kid and horrific monsters replacing the cutesy furballs, and you'd have Lost Kingdoms II. Light on story (even for a 10-hour game), LK2 instead emphasizes card collecting and tactical monster battles--which would be cool, if only those elements were robust enough to make the experience worthwhile. Amassing cards is relatively simple, but the game inexplicably encourages you to assemble them into themed decks--even though the enemy assortment in most areas demands a deck more like a Swiss Army Knife than a lightsaber. (You can test your decks in the vanilla Versus mode.) The combat is so-so; it's tense and action-packed, but unforgiving summoning and attack systems drain most of the fun. Your magic points run out far too quickly, and unreliable hit detection wastes your precious cards. Despite a promising concept, LK2's flawed gameplay fails to entertain.


SWF RPG hottie seeks completist card collector for good times and mystic pleasures. Me: tarot-sawy summoner with a flair for combos. I'm into action, not drama (why tell stories when we could be gettin' it on?). You: lookin' for some unpredictable, magical thrills (just don't expect our time together to make much sense). I can promise you, however, that when we do bump into uglies, we'll finish 'em in a nimble tango of quick wits and technical know-how. I'm no quickie (unlike Paul "Minuteman" Byrnes)--provided you're willing to explore my many secrets.


Paul's a bitter, card-hating miser, 'cause LK2 isn't half-bad. It's a fine adventure, just like its solid (yet strangely overrated) forerunner. The two games are quite similar--strategic combat is still the main focus, and success requires dedication and planning. So if you aren't willing to invest the effort, you'll find yourself defenseless and outta cards in no time. Improvements do exist, including noticeably better graphics, phenomenal music, and an intense challenge. Yeah, it's over too quickly, and the story's pure nonsense, but it's still recommended.

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