Lustful Desires

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a game by Hyao
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Lustful Desires
Lustful Desires
Lustful Desires
Lustful Desires

Lustful Desires is the kind of game that is perfect for those that love deep time consuming lewd RPGs and text based RPGs at that. I have loved my time with this game! However, it is a genre I am a fan of. I can see why this kind of thing is not appealing to everyone, but if you do not mind rolling up your sleeves and going on an epic adventure that is going to take up a considerable amount of your time, this game is going to be so much fun for you. I will say that it is very much still a work in progress as I write this, but there is still a ton of content here.

A Fantasy World With A Fantastical Adventure

One of the things that I felt Lustful Desires did really well was build this lewd fantasy world. This is a world where people live in villages and towns, but the surrounding forests, swamps, ruins roads, and so on in between are full of dangerous beasts! Of course, being a fantasy world, adventure is something that many people seek and those who wish to seek adventure and all the spoils that come from it will have to stare danger in the face. I love the way each town and area has its own “lore” explaining things about it.

Being Your Own Adventurer

The thing about a game like Lustful Desires is that your adventure may be different to mine and then mine will be different to someone else’s. That is because this is a game that is all about choices and choices have consequences in this game. For example, I am playing the game with the intent of being a more noble hero and warrior! I take on quests to help people and gather riches and if any lewd scenarios happen as a result so be it! However, you can go many other ways, you can just screw over everyone you want in quest of your own needs, and you can even just be a walking sex machine looking to get laid as much as possible!

Keeping You Busy

For a lewd text based RPG, Lustful Desires is staked with content and from what I understand, the developer has a lot more content they want to add. There are a ton of quests in this game, you chat with people, and you get quests it is the kind of game where you start doing something and then end up on a random quest that takes over the game. You have a crafting system where you turn the resources you gather into stuff that can aid you as you progress. There is a community system here to where you have to be careful with how you deal with people, keep messing with some kind of faction, they will target you. I said it before, but choices and consequences are at the heart of everything here.

Hanging Out Of His Pants

One of the first images I saw in Lustful Desires was this buff and rough looking male bandit that you fight who was just standing there with his huge bulge half hanging out of his pants. That right there lets you know the type of thing you are in for here. The game does have some attractive wenches if you know what I am saying. However, it does feel far more man focused. Not that this is a bad thing of course! The art here is very well done and the drawing and coloring of the characters and creatures is fantastic. I will say that the version of the game I played is still missing some art assets, but those that are here are great.


I will not beat around the bush here. Lustful Desires is a game that is awesome and a game that I love and will come back each time a new chapter is added. Yet, even though this is a game that I really do enjoy, I have to say that those who are not into text based adventures will probably not be able to get into this as it is so dense and asks so much of the player. The thing is for me, that is exactly what I love about this game.


  • I love the way we can shape our adventurer
  • The fantasy world the game is set in is cool
  • The lewd art is very well drawn
  • I love how deep and complex the gameplay is


  • Text based adventures are not for everyone
  • The version of the game I played is missing some art assets

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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