Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest

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a game by nikukyu
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest
Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest
Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest
Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest

What an awesome title for a game Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest is! It sounds like something that should be on a metal album from the 80s. What we are talking about here is a lewd RPG and one that I really did enjoy quite a bit. I found that this had a bit of an old school soul about it and while from a gameplay point of view, it may be a tad on the basic side, I did end up playing all the way through this and I would be interested in doing so again to see the other ending.

Demi-Humans And Their Shenanigans!

The premise of Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest is quite interesting. Taking place in a fantasy world, we have this village where humans live, but the humans are sick and tired of the monsters, or demi-humans if you prefer, coming from the woods and taking their wives and daughters and using them for their sexual needs! It is decided that all of the nests of these creatures need to be destroyed!

Maybe There Is Another Way?

That idea is so sound it makes perfect sense, but Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest has a twist for you. Even though these creatures are kidnapping and raping women from the village, Sister Hidori is certain that through the word of God, she can reach these creatures and reason with them to stop! She along with a brave warrior (our MC) head into the woods to try and get the creatures to stop coming to the village, but she is also saving their lives too. However, these monsters want nothing more than to bang her and the story goes into a kind of “corruption” thing which I thought was pretty cool.

Attacks Of Four

The gameplay of Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest is basic, but solid. We walk around from a top down, kind of angled view and you have all the classic tropes of an RPG here. You need to chat with people, take on quests, engage in combat, beat bosses, level up, and so on. The game has a simple battle system, but the twist is the enemies attack Sister Hidori, not you! They are trying to get her clothes off so that they can have their way with her and that is what you are trying to stop. There is a lot of griding here as the money it costs to buy new equipment is way too much! I could see that being the breaking point for some people, but to be honest, a bit of griding has never turned me away.

Perhaps She Likes It?

I am someone that does not usually like the cute girl getting banged by ugly monsters thing, but Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest does it better than most. This is a great looking game, the renders, portraits, and XXX stuff is done with this amazing hand drawn anime style that really does stand out. Sister Hidori is very cute and I like the way that you can see her starting to like what is going on thanks to the well detailed facial expressions she has. It is not just the XXX stuff that looks great, the gameplay here is way more fun thanks to the highly detailed sprites that are not all jaggy and pixelated in a force retro style like many lewd RPGs go for.


I can see why for some people the grinding to level up and get money for better weapons may be a bit of a turn off as it is a tad on the excessive side. However, if you are a lewd RPG fan and you do not mind rolling up your sleeves and doing some grinding. I am certain that you will have a fun time with this. Not only did I end up enjoying the gameplay loop, I found the story to be interesting too!


  • I thought that Sister Hidori was a cute, but interesting character
  • The story was very entertaining
  • There is some corruption here which is fun
  • I thought that the game looked great


  • The grinding may be a bit off putting for some
  • New equipment costs way too much money!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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