Magical Family: Laboratory

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a game by LMDC
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Magical Family: Laboratory
Magical Family: Laboratory
Magical Family: Laboratory
Magical Family: Laboratory

This may sound weird, but Magical Family: Laboratory kind of reminded me of a TV show that was popular a couple of years back. Granted there were not big tiddy milfs in that TV show, but there is just something about this game that brought that memory back. What we have here is a lewd visual novel that is trying to do a little bit more with the visual novel concept. I was initially drawn to this because it has a kind of superhero thing going on with the story. It does need a bit of fine tuning, but in the current state, it is still worth checking out.

Lab Rats!

Lab Rats! That is the show I was thinking of! The reason for that is in Magical Family: Laboratory, we play as this young dude who is a total nerd, but he is very smart and he has a top of the line lab in his basement… just roll with it! Anyway, he has this great idea that he is going to have a team of superhero ladies who are sexy, can kick ass and of course will bang him whenever he is in the mood for a little bit of loving if you know what I am saying.

Brain Over Brawn!

As the main character in Magical Family: Laboratory is so smart, he knows that if he does manage to get some of the hot ladies in the neighborhood to take part in his experiments when they have superpowers, why the heck would they listen to him? Thankfully, he thought of this and that is why he is going to make it so that he can mind control these babes in order for them to do whatever he wants. In many ways, I get the feeling that this is supposed to be a parody as it does all seem like it is very tongue in cheek! If it is not meant to be a parody…. Yikes, they need to lighten up a bit and make it so that it is!

Do You Have The Time?

To be honest with you, Magical Family: Laboratory has so much going for it that I feel like they are ¾ of the way there with this being a great lewd game! The trouble is, the one part of the game I am not a massive fan of is the gameplay. This feels like it started life out as a lewd visual novel and then while the game was already being developed, they decided they wanted it to be more. They added in some sandbox style elements such as clicking on different areas and having to do things at a certain time. The trouble here is that it is done rather poorly and it is so hard to know where you can go and when you should go to certain places. They either need to have a better hint/guide system or get rid of this altogether and just have it as a visual novel.

Little Man Who Has Big Fun

I am loving the whole vibe that Magical Family: Laboratory has as far as the visuals go. The main character is designed so that he is much smaller than the ladies for some reason and while it may look weird at first, it works and works very well. We have a great selection of hotties in this game and I love how they all have huge boobs and huge asses! It is a real fantasy/dream kind of look, but when you consider this is a sci-fi game about creating superheroes, the way the women look in the game works. I also liked how they had a few dynamic camera angles and cuts that gave the game a tad more cinematic flair and made it a bit more fun.


While I do feel that Magical Family: Laboratory needs some work as far as the gameplay goes, either go all in with the sandbox/adventure stuff or get rid of it, none of this middle ground business we have now! I still had a fun time with this, I thought that the story was over the top and fun and those amazing visuals made me want to keep on playing so I could get to the next XXX scene. It may not be great, but it is still worth checking out.


  • I thought the story was a fun superhero/sci-fi parody
  • The ladies in this game are so freaking hot!
  • I got a kick out of the little weird dude that was the MC
  • This is a game that has a ton of potential


  • It is hard to know what to do next and when you need to do certain things
  • As I write this, the game has not been updated for a while

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Magical Family: Laboratory is a decent lewd game that with just a little bit more work in the lab could go from being good to being great! This has a bit of a sci-fi/superhero theme about it which was right up my alley. I ended up playing the game quite a bit and I was impressed by what I saw. If the developer does come back to this to add a new chapter or even dig in deep and get it all finished, I would not be against jumping back in here and giving the game another try.

A Nerdy Dude With A Cool Lab!

The main character in Magical Family: Laboratory is kind of fun and relatable. He is a pretty average young man who is pretty damn short for some reason. He is super smart and in his home, he has a secret lab where he gets up to all kinds of scientific experiments. He has the great idea that he is going to create a whole team of superheroines that will be at his disposal to fulfill any needs that he may have, both sexual as well as in the “real world” too.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Our nerdy protagonist in Magical Family: Laboratory has come up with a way to make these superheroines thanks to his tech and a drug cocktail that he has. However, if he makes these super strong powerful, and sexy women, why on Earth would they do what he says? Well, that brings us to the next part of his plan, mind control! To be honest with you, I would not say that the story here is doing anything radically new, but as a sci-fi and superhero fan, I got a kick out of it and I could certainly see myself in this young nerdy dude's shoes that is for sure.

Just Tell Your Story!

I have played way too many games that feel like they should be a straight up visual novel rather than a sandbox style of game and Magical Family: Laboratory fits into that category. Moving around the different locations is tricky at first as it is not all that well indicated where you can click and go and then you are not fully sure of where a place will lead. The UI could do with some work as could the time management aspect of the game which just gets in the way. Nothing here is game breaking or made me want to stop playing, but without these extra “sandbox” elements that are there to pad out the gameplay, I actually think that this would be far more enjoyable.

Super Ladies With Super Boobs

I am into the visual presentation of Magical Family: Laboratory big time! I love how big and strong the ladies in this game are. They all have great bodies with massive over the top boobs and they also have cute faces as well. The fact that our MC is short also makes them seem even bigger. I found the whole game to be very appealing to the eye! The XXX scenes that I was able to come across were cool as well, although a bit more animation would certainly not hurt things! To be fair, I pretty much say that about every lewd game I play!


I enjoyed the time that I spent with Magical Family: Laboratory and think that with just a few more tweaks to the gameplay, or even getting rid of the “gameplay” altogether, this could be an even better experience. I enjoyed the wacky story and found the MC to be a weird dude, but I also could see myself in his shoes too. If you like sci-fi, superheroes, and huge boobs, this is a game that is well worth your time!


  • These ladies have awesome racks!
  • I liked all of the female characters
  • The MC was a dweeb, but I dug his style
  • This tells a fun sci-fi/superhero story


  • The “gameplay” gets in the way of what I feel is a decent story
  • I wish we could see those sexy ladies in motion more!

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