Mechanized Attack

a game by SNK
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: NESNES
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Mechanized Attack
Mechanized Attack
Mechanized Attack
Mechanized Attack

AT FIRST, it looked like just another revolution. But reports have come in that the rebel forces are backed by an unusual array of high-tech weaponry - and that the rebel soldiers may actually be a fearsome new breed of fighting robots! If this revolution succeeds, the safety of the entire world may be threatened ... And that's where you come in.

You must attempt to infiltrate the island base of the rebel forces. But before you even reach the shore, you'll have to contend with enemy gunboats, frogmen, choppers, and destroyers. The island itself is patrolled by enemy soldiers armed with machine guns, daggers and grenades; vicious attack dogs; and lethal airborne probes, programmed to destroy intruders on sight. And if you reach the rebel headquarters, you will face the most terrifying threat of all - only no one has made it back to reveal its nature.

Many unknown dangers lie in wait, but you'll be equipped with a complete arsenal - an assault gun, rocket launcher and grenades - to provide you with a fully mechanized system of attack. You haven't got a minute to waste - it's time to launch your MECHANIZED ATTACK!

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Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: SNK
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

Grab your machine gun and prepare yourself for action. Mechanized Attack pits the player against several screens of various bad guys, all determined to blast you into Swiss cheese. A variety of flying craft, tanks, planes, ships, soldiers and cyborgs are just a few of the enemies that defend a series of landscapes consisting of oceans, beaches, moonlit forests and caverns in this new "blast 'em until your TV bleeds" game.

SNK brings another arcade game to the home with Mechanized Attack. Those familiar with Operation Wolf should recognize many of the same characteristics in this game. The object of this game is basically to blast away at everything that looks even remotely hostile while trying to stay alive long enough to advance to the next stage.

Each game starts out with three lives, with one continue allowed when those first three are expended. Your arsenal consists of four magazines with 40 bullets each and five grenades. Throughout the game, this supply may be increased by shooting at small grenade or magazine symbols that will either add a grenade or add a magazine to your supply, respectively. Other items available include health potions to partially restore your health or first aid kits that will provide a complete restoration. There are also shot power-ups that will give more shot power for the attack, as well as body armor that will decrease the damage taken by your player when hit. Small player symbols also appear occasionally and award an extra man.

As an area is completed, a choice of one or two rounds is offered as the next challenge. Players choose one or the other by shooting in the appropriate area. Most of the action takes place while scrolling horizontally through the landscapes, though occasionally the screen stops for either a mass attack by the enemy or a confrontation with the typical end-of-the-round boss.

Either a light gun or a joystick may be used, and while it may seem difficult to use a joystick on a game of this sort, it actually works fairly well. An on-screen sight is guided around when using the joystick, and automatic fire is provided by simply holding down the button. Autofire joysticks or slow motion features aren't helpful and can actually make things more difficult.

The enemies are various in nature: planes, tanks, helicopters, soldiers, drones and missile-spitting dogs all combine in many styles of attack to thwart your mission. Some are dispatched with a single shot, while others require several shots or a blizzard of grenades. The end-of-the-round bosses can be difficult without at least a few grenades, but the strategy for all of them is the same.

The graphics are mainly scrolling backgrounds of different landscapes; and while they're nothing to shout about, they are done fairly well. The enemies are rendered faithfully to the arcade version and are animated acceptably. The background music is somewhat bland and is the same for each round, but other sound effects are adequate.

Game play is straightforward, but not particularly challenging after a few games. I was able to reach the end after only three attempts! There are a few different ways to finish the game, depending upon the order in which the areas are cleared, but even then it often takes under 15 minutes to complete the game.

Mechanized Attack appears to be much like its arcade brother, but unfortunately, doesn't have enough body to give it any kind of longevity. Players who flipped over the arcade version or are desperate for something to use a light gun on may want to acquire this one. Otherwise, it's probably best to rent it for an afternoon of quick destruction.

  • Manufacturer: SNK

You're deep behind enemy lines on a commando raid in this Operation Wolf-type game. Try to blast everything that comes into your sight.

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