Mendel Palace

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Genre: Puzzles & Words
Platform: NESNES (1989)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Mendel Palace
Mendel Palace
Mendel Palace
Mendel Palace

They're Alive!

Suddenly, you're transported to a new dimension! Where only you can save a beautiful girl from her own nightmare - from her own toys that have sprung to life!

Welcome to MENDEL PALACE, a fantasy as wild as your imagination!

Get ready for non-stop thrills and the hottest graphics around. With 20 areas and 200 levels! You've never played anything like it.

MENDEL PALACE ... a dreamworld that will blow your mind!

Look for it today at your favorite video store.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Who would have ever believed the hazards one can run into when sleeping! In Mendel Palace from Hudson Soft, your best friend, Candy, has fallen into a deep sleep, and her dolls have taken her prisoner. It seems that they have come to life in her dreams and refuse to let her awaken.

As Bon-Bon (somebody's sweet tooth must have dreamed up these names), you must fight your way through eight different houses before proceeding to the castle itself, which has two levels. Since each area has 10 rounds within it, there are 100 different screens to conquer in order to rescue Candy. An extra Mendel Palace is also present and can be accessed by holding down START and SELECT before turning on the game. In this second game, you will proceed directly through 100 different rounds and will not be able to choose when and where you want to proceed.

The manner in which the dolls must be defeated is a departure from the normal blasting and hacking. Each screen is made up of a 5x7 grid of panels that you shuffle in order to knock an enemy against either a rock or wall and thus kill them. Each section of the grid may have anywhere from two to six different panels that can contain different objects. Stars are the most common object, and for every 100, your player's speed increases, and you are awarded an extra man. There are also panels that, when exposed, give birth to more enemies, as well as a "roulette" panel that switches between awards of stars, points and a 1-Up, depending on when it is grabbed.

Other panels are useful for attacking enemies either directly in your path, or anywhere on the screen, because they send a wave of shuffles that will throw all enemies in their path against the walls.

Special bonus rooms and bonus stars are also hidden under some panels. A time limit exists for some rooms, but a special panel is available that will increase your time by five seconds in some rounds. If the time runs out, the enemies speed up drastically and become much more aggressive. In addition to the normal panels for a round, there are 14 others in all, some useful to you, others meant to slow you down.

There are basically eight different dolls to contend with, each controlling its own house. Each doll is quite unique and presents a different challenge. Uni-horned critters called moko-mokos are easy to beat and make an obvious target as they roam about the room. Others have a much different style of attack.

The Vinci dolls draw pictures of themselves on the panels, and if they're allowed to complete one, the panel is rendered useless (it may not be shuffled), and the drawing springs to life and joins in the attack! Heavy, foot-stomping sumos send you flying across the panels, and happily spinning takos frown sadly when knocked to the floor.

Although there are always items that may be collected in each room, destroying the dolls is all that you must do to advance. Once the tenth room of a house is reached (or every ten rounds in the extra version), a boss doll must be defeated before choosing the next doll house to take on.

One or two players may compete, competitively or cooperatively, in saving Candy. Unlimited continues are available, so anyone should be able to rescue Candy with patience. While there are definitely some rounds that will take a bit of searching and thinking to figure out, the average player should be able to finish the first game in under two and a half hours, less if playing two-player cooperatively. The extra version is much more difficult and will take longer. Graphically, the game comes across as bland and simple, without much changing from room to room other than the panels. Musical themes are different for each house, but are otherwise unremarkable.

Mendel Palace provides some enjoyment and challenge when played for the first time, but once the rooms are solved and the game is finished, there probably isn't much to hold the interest of most players. Younger players will get more out of the first version, and older players won't have to work until the extra version.

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