Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge

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a game by Genki
Genres: Action, Racing, Sports
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Time to gas up and head out onto one of the 16 championship Indy Car RPG tracks around the world.

Just like the big name drivers on the circuit, your season begins in Australia and motors through the Molson Indy in Toronto to each of the stops on the Indy car circuit to see who will be crowned the Indy Car champion.

Players can choose to join the championship circuit and take part in a 16-race season. You'll get a password after every race that you can use.

Michael himself gives you advice on each course and little tricks to help you gain those precious extra seconds. Before you get behind the wheel, become your own head mechanic, making adjustments to your car. You can adjust tire pressure, downforce, and gear ratio.

High tire pressure gives you less grip on the road but will increase your acceleration and your top speed. High down-force increases your grip on the track, but decreases your top speed and acceleration rate. A high gear ratio will allow you to attain high top speed but with a slow acceleration rate. A few practice laps and you'll have it all figured out. The digitized speech is also an added bonus.

Finally, after finishing a race, you'll have the option to view the race from different angles of your vehicle. This Is great! You'll be able to see all the action up-close. Good job, BPS!

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Bullet Proof
  • Machine: Super NES

This one is kinda like cruisin' the strip, but you're in your Dad's car and your Mom is riding shotgun. Choppy animation and poor control confine this game to the pits, out of gas, with a blown transmission. Boring!

  • Manufacturer: Bullet Proof
  • Machine: SNES

This one is kinda like cruisin' the strip, but you're in your Dad's car and your Mom is riding shotgun. Choppy animation and poor control confine this game to the pits, out of gas, with a blown transmission. Boring!

  • Manufacturer: Bullet Proof Software

That Andretti family sure is competitive. Less than a year after Mario Andretti released his own racing title under the EA Sports label, his son Michael Andretti has pulled into the running with Bullet-Proof Software's Michael Andrew's Indy Car Challenge for SNES. Unfortunately, father knows best in this case. Michael's entry lacks the control and variety of Mario Andretti Racing.

Graphically, Indy Car Challenge looks similar to many other racing games on the market but fails to convey a sense of speed. Details like skid marks on the track and sparks from under the car add nice touches, but choppiness in car animations takes away from the realistic portrayal of the sport. With regards to sound effects, the hum of the engines grows old as does the well-digitized phrase "slow down" from Michael Andretti that seems to crop up at every turn. But a wide range of musical accompaniments - from a bluesy piano to a rockin guitar - spice the game up nicely.

Game modes include a two-player split screen challenge, a one-player 16-race championship series, and a practice mode. The championship, which begins in Australia, and then dances around the States for the final 15 venues, requires you to qualify for a starting position and allows you to significantly alter your car's performance by modifying tire pressure, down force, and gear ratios prior to each race. Michael helps the decision-making with advice for each track. While the other racers are quite competitive, there's no opportunity to adjust the difficulty or even increase the number of laps per event once you've become more experienced. Despite Michael Andretti's success in the world of Indy cars, racing fans find nothing in his Indy Car Challenge that hasn't been done before. The lack of variety, especially in the backgrounds, from one track to another leads to very monotonous driving once you've taken a few checkered flags.

  • Graphics: 7
  • Music & Sound: 8
  • Innovation: 3
  • Gameplay: 7
  • Replay Value: 6

Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge is as solidly engineered as an Indy car and as basic as an Indy car race. That's enough to generate average racing thrills, but Andretti lacks great drama.

In this behind-the-car speed-fest, your thumb-burning challenge is finishing in the top six among 12 drivers in 15 races across the U.S. Indy car circuit.


  • The better.your qualifying position, the better your chances of winning a race.
  • Learn to quickly glance up at the map to determine if someone's trying to pass you.

You race for the honor of dueling one of the best drivers in motor sports: Mr. Andretti, of course.

Safe Drivers

Indy Car Challenge cranks up an excellent sensation of piston-propelled speed, and the simple yet effective controls let you harness it quickly. Before every race, you can adjust tire pressure, down- force, and gear ratio to max the velocity.

Satisfaction, however, comes primarily from beating the clock. There isn't a whole lot of dynamic car-versus-car racing action. Racers bump each other around as a tactic, which produces spinouts, not crashes.

The sharp, no-frills racing graphics do their duty, but basically they drive you to keep your eyes glued to the road. However, hardcore race fans will note that Bullet-Proof went over every inch of the actual tracks to recreate them for this game. Also, the impressive replay feature displays a multitude of track-level camera views. Manual mode is a kick, enabling you to rotate the view 360 degrees around the car.

To break track records, customize the default vehicle setups for top speed, but you'd better be a good driver!

A Sunday Driver

Racing fans know Michael Andretti as a hard-nosed, pedal- to-the-metal winner. His Indy Car Challenge, however, is a nice-looking, laid-back cruise. The game's speed thrills, but its action chills.

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