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Hey there fellow gear and petrol heads, we have a whole collection of awesome car repair shop games for you to check out here. While many of us love racing games, there are some who like to go that step further and be able to tinker, fix, and customize a car and that is exactly what the games we have in this collection are all about. Those of you who love to mess with cars, but hate getting grease and oil on your hands have come to the right place here!

One of the most popular games that we have in the car repair shop games genre is Car Mechanic: City Driver. In this game, you not only get to build a whole bunch of awesome cars, but you can also take them out for a spin and see how your handy work actually handles! If you enjoy games like Forza Horizon 5 and Project CARS 3, but want to take the level of customization a step further, but still want to be able to drive, this is the game you need to be spending some quality time with!

Of course, we could not be talking about the best car repair shop games without giving a bit of special attention to the epic Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. This is arguably the top series when it comes to this kind of thing and this game just adds more content and depth than the series has ever had before. Fix all kinds of cars, test your mechanic skills, and make a lot of cash that you can reinvest into your business. While we think the most recent version is the best, you can also check out Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Next up we have one of the more interesting games in our car repair shop games and that is My Summer Car. This game is set in the mid 90’s and we have just gotten our hands on our dad's old car. We are trying to bring it back to its former glory so that we have a sweet set of wheels to cruise around with. What makes this such an interesting experience is that it does have the mechanic aspect of the game where you have to try and fix the car, but it also has an open world setting too and the 90s vibes and general easygoing nature of the game make it something that is awesome to play when you want to do some car tinkering in a more chilled out way.

What we feel makes Gearhead Garage: The Virtual Mechanic one of the best car repair shop games is the way that it is easy to play, but it also does require you to think. This is the kind of game that can become very addictive. The idea is that you need to fix up and improve a bunch of cars, but you are on a budget, you want to try and do this for the best price you can so you can make more money which you can then use to get more and better cars. This is such a fun game and anyone that has an interest in cars and mechanics will get a huge kick out of this!

Ok, so this is our car repair shop games collection, but we do have a few “interesting” suggestions for you. First of all, if you love cars, but also love speed on two wheels after growing up playing Super Hang-On. We have the awesome and fun, Bike Mechanic Simulator which lets you tinker with all kinds of cool and badass bikes! If you like to take your mechanic skills to the extreme, Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths is the game for you. The twist here is that you have to work on and improve these epic 4X4 style vehicles so that they can get over all of the rough terrain that this town has!

We are very proud of our collection of awesome car repair shop games and as you can see, we have some amazing titles here for you to check out! From games that let you work under the hood to games that let you customize and then race, you will find that and much more here!

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