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Download futuristic racing games and speed through neon-lit tracks in hyper-fast vehicles! Defy gravity, master advanced technology, and leave your opponents in the dust. Accelerate into the future and experience the thrill of the race now!

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HSX: Hypersonic.Xtreme

Taking a different approach to game development, Majesco has released a carbon copy F-Zero racing game called Hypersonic Xtreme.

Magforce Racing

You may remember this as Killer Loop when it come out for the PlayStation several months ago.

Wipeout Fusion

The grand daddy of them all, I've been waiting a while for this one, and even with a few flaws, it was worth it.


MegaRace takes place on a futuristic virtual racetrack and features 15 different tracks spread over five stunning worlds with state-of-the-art 3-D rendered graphics and digitized animation.

Wipeout Pure

Ah, gameplay, what a beautiful word. And in this game, it's simple, but fun. You've got a high speed anti-grav racing game that lets you pilot an advanced craft around a futuristic racing track, all the while with electronic and trance music playin..


WipeOut XL for the PlayStation seems to be a close re-creation of the original with new and updated tracks.

Megarace 2

Megarace 2 is apparently a racing game where you can play alone or against a friend on tracks that will lift you up into the highest peaks of the skies.


Powerslide is set 20 years in the future; of course the earth is devastated, reminiscent of a Mad Max movie.

ATV: Quad Power Racing 2

The game offers several different modes of play, including: Arcade, ATV Academy (Training), Challenge, Time Trial, Career, Single Race, and Freestyle where you can practice your stunts in an indoor arena.

ATV Offroad Fury 4

When I play racing games, I ask only that they let me race without serious obstruction.

Cel Damage

The first thing that strikes you is this games appearance. A truly 3d racing title, each and every part of the game appears to be rendered with a hand drawn cartoon feel.

F-Zero GX

It's been 13 years since Nintedo created the future racer genre with its release of F-Zero and time sure has changed a lot.

Dead In The Water

Vehicular combat games are all the rage on the PlayStation, so it's not surprising that we're seeing even more of them.

Speed Punks

You might ask: "With Crash Team Racing on the market, do I really need another cartoony racing game?"


It's the future, and the lust for blood that lurks beneath western civilization's thin veneer of humanity has risen and boiled over.


If the thought of soaring through futuristic racetracks, treacherous landscapes, and winding corkscrews at supersonic speeds gets your heart pumpin'...

Motor Mayhem

Somewhere in the near future, humans must battle against a force unlike any other. They call themselves the Duvo, a race that evolved below the Earth's surface, waiting until the time was right to strike against those who dwell above.

Bandits: Phoenix Rising

I've been over vehicular-combat games for a while now.

Dare Devil Derby 3D

Could this game be something new? Something cutting edge? Action as we have never seen before on the Playstation?


Starwinder is an original game concept, which takes features from both role-playing and racing.

Blast Chamber

This is a unique game set in a 3-D cube. The players must race against each other to obtain control of a crystal.

Bug Riders

If you are the type of gamer who feels that racing on the backs of giant bugs is something you need in a title.


HyperZone is a shooter game for the Super NES. It was one of the first to be released for the console, and is notably one of the few "rail shooter" type games available.

Micro Maniacs

Take Micro Machines V3, take out the cars and put in weird-looking little people and hey, presto!

Eliminate Down

This is a space flying shooter. The weapon improves during the flight, the bosses are also available.
Sega Genesis

Freaky Flyers

You're almost forced to take a fast character your first time out, lest you face utter defeat at the hands of superior foes.


Hi-Octane is a racer similar to Wipeout. You can pilot one of six hovercrafts in series of races that take place in a variety of climates.


Have you ever noticed that video games spend a lot of time in the future? From stellar empires fraught with war to utopias where gaming is the be-all and end-all of daily life, video games show us what the future might be like.

NGEN Racing

The first thing you’ll notice are the controls. Extremely unusual for a racing game, these controls respond the same way a normal fighter craft would -- which means they are extremely hard to control.

Pen Pen Trilcelon

With wacky penguin-like creatures competing in off-the-wall triathlon-style races and over-the-top animations, TriIcelon is a game that is sure to appeal to kids as well as the kid in every adult.

League of Pain

Looking for that action-intense sporting title with a cutting edge that other titles have been afraid to touch? League of Pain is your game.

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