Dead In The Water

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a game by Player 1
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 5.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Vehicular combat games are all the rage on the PlayStation, so it's not surprising that we're seeing even more of them. The latest one, Dead in the Water, is being made by ASC games, and could be most easily described as Twisted Metal on water. There are some key differences between Dead in the Water and the rest of the pack, however. First of all, it has combat racing modes in addition to head-to-head combat, giving it a much wider scope. As a result, its levels (found in locations such as Hong Kong, the Grand Canyon and the Arctic) double as both tracks and battlefields.

As you might expect, the cast of combatants is quite colorful. Headlined by funky Ebony Justice (who drives a Cadillac converted into a boat that's armed to the teeth), there are a variety of villains who each has his/her own specialized craft. Each boat has its own special weapon and can pick up additional ones during racing or combat. Extra armaments can also be bought in-between levels with money collected previously during battles. These weapons (missiles, mines, grenades, machine guns) trigger some incredible effects such as small nuclear explosions, and miniature tidalwaves that can capsize your opponents.

Indeed, ASC has some very cool things in the works with Dead in the Water, let's just hope they turn it into a seaworthy game.

  • MANUFACTURER - Player One
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

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It's hard to believe that with all the Twisted Metal clones out there, it didn't occur to more people to take the genre to new environments. Dead in the Water does a decent job of capturing the frantic action of the vehicle combat genre with some original twists that could only be done in water. The races are interesting and add play value, but the Battle Mode is where the game shines. There are a wide variety of characters to choose from and each has special attacks as well as weapons that can either be bought or picked up during battle. Sadly, the game falls short in some key areas. The graphics are fraught with glitches making it hard to follow the action at times. My other big gripe is the long load times which break up the action for what seems like an eternity. Aside from these complaints, I like Dead in the Water, and find it to be above-average, though a far cry from greatness. If ASC could have tightened up the graphics and improved the load time, this could have easily gotten a higher score. It's possible the PS just couldn't handle all of the stuff that was being thrown at it (the wave physics attempt to be quite realistic), but then you think of technological marvels like Crash 3 and that theory goes out the window. DitW had some nice ideas, but overall it doesn't quite cut it. Maybe next time.


It's Power Boat Racing with guns! Seriously, I don't like the way this game feels. The 3D environments are OK, but not very inspired, and certainly nothing new. The speed and agility of the boats are hindered by the wacky physics of the water, or more aptly the water effects. More importantly, the combat just isn't fun. Chasing down the elusive boats gets boring too quickly--I lost interest. For „ boat combat I'll play Ship Wreckers.


This game earns style points for letting you launch weapons into the arena grandstands and blast screaming spectators from their seats, but otherwise Dead in the Water is a shoddy clone of the Twisted Metal games. The rolling water looks nice (well, at least up close; we've got some major drawin problems here), but the waves really throw off your control. The Racing Mode is a bit more fun than Battle, but not much.


DitW is a bit like Twisted Metal, only with boats instead of cars. My, my. How spectacularly original. Gameplay is what you'd expect; racing and shooting on a wobbly surface with plenty of power-ups. It's nice to see there are races AND battles here, so in that respect it's arguably more fun than TMIII--but it's nothing special. Graphically it's a bit weak, but more importantly it lacks any original ideas. Another "me too" game.

The ultrapopular vehicular combat genre hits the high seas in ASC's Dead in the Water. After receiving an invitation from a nebulous organization whose headquarters lies in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, 13 of the world's most anti-social boat captains gather for a winner-takes-all competition. The prize: the revelation of an age-old secret (plus a boat-load of cold, hard cash).

Unlike Twisted Metal or Vigilante 8, Dead in the Water offers two unique modes of play: Race and Battle. In Race Mode, players employ over a dozen weapons, secret shortcuts and any other underhanded tactics you can think of to cross the finish line first. The object of Battle Mode is even simpler: kill anything that moves. Both modes can be played as a single competition or in a tournament.

Dead in the Water's nine unique courses span such diverse locales as the Amazon River, Loch Ness and the Bermuda Triangle. Each arena is filled with power-ups and secrets, discovered by smashing through billboards, slashing through icebergs and blowing up temples. In addition to your cutthroat opponents, you'll also have to battle the game's 3D waves and currents, which toss your boat around like a cork. The water also reacts to your weapons, producing huge geysers while assuring constantly changing race conditions. In addition to the standard armor, engine and weapon upgrades, a number of bizarre accessories, such as fuzzy dice and wiggling hula girls, can be purchased at the game's shop. When bought in certain combinations, this so-called "funky stuff" has humorous and unpredictable effects on your craft.

Dead in the Water also offers two-player link and split-screen action, creating an unprecedented number of ways to play.

The premise is simple: Fight for cash using a souped-up boat that literally blows away the competition. Much like a vehicle shooter, Dead in the Water has upgradeable weapons you can buy, a plethora of different power-ups, and a two-player battle mode. There are 13 boats to choose from as you race through nine levels of mayhem. In the unfinished version we played, the wave effects were realistic enough to make you seasick, but extreme draw-in made driving your boat almost impossible. If this is fixed before the game's released, DITW could prove to be unsinkable.

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