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Sega Genesis

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Game
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  • Rival Turf!
    Rival Turf! The game was first installment in the Rushing Beat trilogy, which was followed by Brawl Brothers and The Peace Keepers.
  • Spawn
It's Morphin Time! Five ordinary teens morph into the Power Rangers to foil the plans of the Evil Empress Rita Repulsa and save planet Earth. Choose your favorite Power Ranger color - Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink or Black! Battle huge, fierce and spectacular enemies! Even the Green Ranger and the fearsome Dragonzord! Sharpen your "Zord Play" in eight awesome difficulty levels!

Mighty Max

The Adventures of Mighty Max is a 2D Platformer game, developed by WJS Design and published by Ocean, which was released in 1994.
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