Mighty Final Fight

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 9.1/10 - 9 votes
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Mighty Final Fight
Mighty Final Fight
Mighty Final Fight

What do you get when you cross Capcom's Final Fight with an episode of the Muppet Babies? Not a frog-pig with an attitude. And no, not even a fuzzy bear with a repertoire of bad jokes and pile-driver moves. You get Mighty Final Fight for the NES!

MFF is a low-impact slug- fest. It only loosely resembles its SNES and Sega CD counterparts in graphics and sound, but does a reasonable job of replicating their game play on a much smaller 8-bit scale.

Don't Mess with Jess

Belger, leader of the law- breaking Mad Gear Gang, has a hankerin' for a lassie named Jessica. He makes her his main course and snatches her from the arms of her boyfriend, Cody.

Unfortunately, the sweetness of Belger's success will turn sour, 'cuz father and Mayor Mike Haggar, Cody, and their kickboxin' friend Guy are gonna force-feed the Gears some bad beat-em-up medicine! You take your pick from the trio and leave the other two as reserves. If you lose all your lives and have to continue, you get to play tag team.

Pint-Size Pugilists

Final Fighters who expect this game to slug them in the eyes will blink twice when they see the screen. The character sprites for players and foes alike wouldn't reach their 16- bit big brothers' knee caps.

But remember, we're talkin' NES pix here. The characters are short, squat, and sport the infamous "big head, little feet" look often seen in Japanese role-playing games.

They may look like Cabbage Patch Kids, but the three amigos pack a wallop. Kicks, punches, jump kicks, standing combos, knee bashes, throws, and special techniques comprise a solid (though not spectacular) arsenal. Cody blends boxing with karate, and uses a wicked three-hit combo. Part-time pro wrestler Haggar does his worst with a Pile Driver. Martial artist Guy paints violent pictures with a Super Kick. Weapons supplement your fists, and some ghetto- bashers are now specific to each fighter. (Only Haggar can use the mallet.)


  • Land on thugs with Haggar's Pile Driver to double your damage.
  • After you knock an opponent down, jump-kick just as he starts to get up. It's cheap, but effective.

Each character gets one all- new super move that requires a combination button press a la Street Fighter II. The traditional two-button control goes easy on your fingers, but you may get frustrated with the inconsistent super moves.

  • Don't waste special moves on rolling barrels. Break them open with straight-on punches to find prizes.
  • If you've got auto-fire, use it. Hold down Button B and rock the controller back and forth to bust super moves faster than flying shrapnel.

A Small Problem

Imagine stuffing the meanest, most unsavory punks in a washing machine for a few days on the highest temperature setting. Yup, Mighty Final Fight's foes look like shrunken versions of their 16-bit selves. Although they're now nameless, you'll recognize Andore, Del Cado, Poison, Two. P, and a menagerie of bosses. Thrasher's a blond bomber with a stomp attack. Katana, who manages to appear three different times, gives his sword a thorough workout. Abigail puts the squeeze on you with a revolting kiss attack.

  • Thrasher bounces for joy, but you'll change his shoutin' to poutin' with well-placed jump kicks.
  • Let Katana tire himself out by running rampant around the screen, then sneak up behind him and use a throw.

Three continues and moderately aggressive enemies make this game a perfect first time karate class for white- and yellow-belt youngsters. A unique feature in this game is experience points, similar to RPGs. If you take out enough trash, your experience level increases and your lifeline is extended.

Slummin' It Up: Graphics and Sounds

The street scenes are like mangled parodies of the original 16-bit game. You still fight through the Slums, Riverside, Old Town, the Factory, and the Bay Area. However, the backgrounds are static and flat -- no multi-scrolling or slick shading. Bright, balloony characters, colorful (if dull) levels, and occasional flicker characterize these average NES visuals.

Even though it's tempting, don't push enemies off the elevator. You get more experience for killing them in hand-to- hand melee.

If you turned off the picture but kept the music playing, you probably wouldn't know this is a Final Fight spin-off. Mighty's repetitive music sounds like other NES games in Capcom's library, such as the Mega Man series. The sound effects rock with the kicks and roll with the punches, but not much more.

Mighty Makes Right

The lack of a two-player option and primo eight-bit graphics bumps Mighty Final Fight from the top ranks, but you can't help but like the cute, cuddly, vicious brawlers. Tackle this one if you're a big Rick Moranis fan and you've never before felt the power and glory you only get from kicking video keister.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Machine: NES
  • Theme: Fighting
  • No. of Levels: 5

Mighty Final Fight is battling its way onto the NES via Capcom.

Mayor Haggar's daughter Jessica has been kidnapped by street scum and he is determined to get her back. Cody, Jessica's boyfriend, and his best friend, Guy, are there to help Haggar stomp the bad guys into the ground. Each character has a special move: Haggar - Clothesline, Guy - Roundhouse Kick, and Cody - Spinning Kick. Get the girl!

People say:


Capcom made a very smooth move with this game in almost making a parody of Final Fight! For a two-button fighting game on 8-Bit, Mighty Final Fight is one of the best for the NES! All three characters have been retained here, and the remarkable thing is so are their moves! However, there is some horrible breakup.


Cute! Mighty Final Fight is a great parody of their terrific Final Fight. The characters can do their powerful attacks just like before. While it is only a one-player game, the pure fun and originality make up for this loss. Overall, it's a great game that every age group can really enjoy. Some terrible breakup, though.


Final Fight for 8-Bit! Joy! Why?'I don't know, but surprisingly, this cart really packs a punch. All three characters from the arcade are here and they have their special moves too. The game play is very good with lots of techniques and plenty of action. A bit slow at times but bad flicker when the action gets intense.


This is a neat parody on Final Fight. The graphics are good for the NES and all the moves from the other versions are here. They managed to keep all the characters but it's only a one-player game. For 8-Bit it's an excellent job and a good spoof, even if you're not a fan of Final Fight, you will enjoy the cartoon-like look and feel.


The gangs have been getting pretty vicious in Metro City, in fact the largest one has kidnapped the Mayor's daughter, Jessica! Her boyfriend Cody wants her back and he is ready to pound some punks into the pavement! Cody's friend Guy is willing to lend a helping hand to show off his martial arts skills.

The Mayor isn't going to just watch this happen though, he is going out to battle, too! Mighty Final Fight is loaded with action that takes the NES to its limits. It is an all-out battle extravaganza. Each character has their own special move to provide hard-hitting action. While the game is a bit scaled down, it contains all the fun of Final Fight! A NES fan's delight!


Special Move: Clothesline Personal History: Current mayor, and exwrestler has had his daughter kidnapped by gangs. He wants to get her back, and is willing i to use a variety of lethal moves to get the job done. Especially nasty is his piledriver, or his clothesline move.


Personal History: Guy descended from an ancient ninja clan. He fights with the intensity of his ancestors. He wants to help his friend Cody battle the street gangs. He fights like an animal when cornered, by using his roundhouse kick!


Special Move: Spinning Kick Personal History: A young street punk who is wise in the way of the streets. He fights with a typical brawl style. Cody is looking for his girlfriend who was kidnapped. His special move is a funky spinning kick. He also has an array of punches and other kicks. He will do anything to get his girl back. Cody is an all-around average fighter.

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