My New Memories

Download My New Memories and embark on a journey of self-discovery in this captivating adult visual novel. Explore relationships, make choices, and uncover secrets as you navigate the complexities of life. Dive into a world of passion and intrigue. Play now!
a game by Killer7
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
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My New Memories
My New Memories
My New Memories
My New Memories

Today we are checking out a lewd visual novel called, My New Memories which I recently played through. The idea of losing your memory and trying to get your life back is certainly not something new to the lewd game genre, but thanks to some fantastic high-quality writing, we have a game here that manages to stand out from the crowd. I will warn you in advance that if you are not into the whole incest/family drama type thing, this may not be the game for you!

Rediscovering Who You Are

The plot of My New Memories sees our main character get into a bad accident and when they awaken from it, they have no memory of who they are or who their family is. They go back home and try to fit back in, but as they have no memory, all of the family are new to him and so are the various relationships he builds with them. The writing here is great and very well done, but the overall plot of the story is quite predictable and you can figure out what is going on right from the start.

Good Or Bad Choices?

As My New Memories is a lewd visual novel, you get to make various choices as the story unfolds. While this is your “family” To you they are strangers so the fact that you find them hot is not all that surprising. There are different ways that things can go and I played through the game from start to end and my playthrough took me a little over three hours which I was happy with. I think this is the perfect length as it makes you more likely to want to jump back in and try the game again, but with different choices.

So, So Young!

I am not the biggest fan of an incest style story when it comes to a lewd visual novel, but I can usually get past it. The thing with My New Memories is that some of the characters look way too young. I get that “taboo” is what a story like this is all about, but when the daughters look like they are closer to 14 than they are 18, it kind of makes me feel uneasy about playing the game, to be honest with you. I do not think the intent was to make them look underage, to be honest with you and they are clearly not supposed to be 14. However, I think that some developers struggle with that fine line of making them look cute and young or making them look too young and having the whole thing be more creepy than sexy.


My New Memories is one of the better written lewd visual novels that I have played recently. The developer of this game is clearly a skilled writer and I give them a ton of credit for that. Hell, I am not usually into this kind of story, but I found myself wanting to know what happened next more often than not! I just had a hard time getting passed some of those character models who just looked too young for my taste!


  • The overall story is quite interesting
  • The writing is very professional
  • A single playthrough does not take up too much of your time
  • There is a lot of replay value here


  • The daughter characters look far too young for me
  • As a result, I found it leaned more towards being creepy than sexy

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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