Ring of Lust

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a game by Votan
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 5.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Ring of Lust
Ring of Lust
Ring of Lust
Ring of Lust

Ring of Lust is a real mixed bag of a lewd sandbox game. It has some character renders that I really like and they were what ultimately kept me playing. However, it falls into many of the traps that far too many lewd sandbox style games end up falling into. I would not say that this is a terrible game and if you like the look of any of the ladies that are on the main screen, give it a go. However, just know that is not exactly a smooth or super fun experience.

Bill And His Magic Ring

I spent a few hours with this game and I was no more invested in the story 2 hours in than I was in the first ten minutes I spent with Ring of Lust. I think that there is a decent premise at play here as we have this guy called Bill who hast o move into a house and he has a “magic” ring that he can use on the various ladies. The thing is, nothing is very really explained all that way. It is like you get the basic idea of what is going on, but you feel like there should be more text going into further detail.

Going Round And Around

Repetition in a lewd sandbox game is nothing unusual, but while that usually is in regards to the gameplay, that also rings true for the dialogue sections in Ring of Lust too. There are times when you have to repeat the same story scene over and over again, at one point I thought for sure that I had glitched the game, but that was not the case, it is just the way the game is designed.

Stats, Always Grinding Stats

As Ring of Lust is a lewd sandbox game, you have various stats for the girls that you have to grind in order to make them like you and more likely to have sex with you. This is something that all lewd sandbox games have, but this one here has some major problems. You have to do the same things over and over again as the progression is so slow and your stats build up painfully slow. I could probably deal with this, but there is no guidance on what you are supposed to do, who you are supposed to talk to or where you are supposed to go, even the walkthrough was no help! You have to be really into those character models to want to stick with this!

Foxy Cleopatra Is A Whole Lot Of Women

The best thing that Ring of Lust has going for it is the character renders. Some are better than others, but I fell in love with this gorgeous looking black woman who was wearing red. As soon as I saw her on the main screen, I knew I had to get to her section in the game. The lewd content that I came across was done well enough, but is the grind and the hassle of getting to it worth it?


I have read many reviews where people say that this game is flat out bad and is one of the worst lewd games they have ever played! I would certainly not go that far, but Ring of Lust does have many problems. The grinding and the lack of direction are the main problems, I think if that was taken care of, this would be a perfectly passable and playable lewd sandbox game. I feel that there could be something good there with the story and some of the character renders are great, it is more the gameplay that needs fixing!


  • I loved that cool and sassy black chick
  • The character renders for the most part are good
  • There is a decent amount of lewd content in the game
  • I feel that deep down there could be a good story here


  • The grinding and repetition in this game are horrible
  • You never know what the hell you are supposed to do next

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