Myself; Yourself

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Platform: PC
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Myself; Yourself
Myself; Yourself
Myself; Yourself
Myself; Yourself

One of the most interesting things about Myself; Yourself is the fact that this was released on the PlayStation 2! Even more interesting is the fact that this was released in 2007! Why was this released on the PlayStation 2 and not the PlayStation 3 or even the PSP? Anyway, this was a big hit that would join a sequel, an anime, and even a short story as part of a little franchise. The game is all in Japanese so that is something that is worth noting before you jump into this.

Two For The Price Of One

One thing that I do like about Myself; Yourself is that it contains two different stories for you to play through. The first one is about a 16-year-old high school student called, Sana Hidaka. He has been away from his hometown for five years and he returns, meeting up with the friends that he had before he left, he notices that things are quite different from what he remembers.

The other story is centered around Shusuke Watatsuku. He lives with his twin sister and he was also a childhood friend of Sana before he left. What is quite cool is that both of these characters are very different and the way they have relationships with other people is very well done.

The Emotion Engine Of The PS2!

Remember before the PS2 launched and Sony was talking about the emotion engine? Well, that does not have anything to do with Myself; Yourself in all honesty, but considering this is a game that was released on the PlayStation 2, you may be surprised to see just how well these visuals have held up over the years. This is a great looking game with some fantastic looking anime-style characters with realistic-looking backgrounds. I liked how there was a tad of animation during the visual novel segments as it gives the characters more life.

This game is fully voice acted and while I feel that the last few years have seen voice acting in games really go to another level. The voice acting here is still quite well done, I thought it was impressive how pretty much every character in the game was voice acting. It also has a great soundtrack with some very catchy tunes!

You Know What To Do

If you have played any visual novel game before you are not going to feel lost here. The game has you reading the story as you play and you get to make key decisions at various points of the story. This will allow you to shape the way the different relationships will flow as the story progresses.

As well as the decisions, you do also have a log that you can check too which helps keep you up to speed with what is going on in the game.


I think that Myself; Yourself is a very interesting visual novel. You never really think of the PlayStation 2 when it comes to visual novel games, but this one here is one of many that do the console great justice. It is only in Japanese and as far as I know, there is no translation for this game so you will have to understand Japanese to play it. The stories that the game tells are great and I thought the characters did feel very real which is always something I liked in my visual novels.


  • The game features two main stories to play through
  • Both the main characters are interesting protagonists
  • I liked how different the two main characters were
  • The game looks fantastic for a PS2 game
  • It is fully voice acted


  • As of writing (well my searching), there is no English translation
  • As it is a PS2 game, it can look a bit washed out on a modern TV

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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