Nanase Family Affairs

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a game by SORAUE
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Nanase Family Affairs
Nanase Family Affairs
Nanase Family Affairs
Nanase Family Affairs

Nanase Family Affairs or Nanase Mother and Daughter Affair if you prefer is a fun little lewd game that has a super hot daughter and an even hotter mother getting caught up in a pretty messy and sticky situation if you know what I am saying. I had been wanting to check this one out for a while and I finally had the chance to do so and I have to say, this was some pretty entertaining stuff. I wanted to talk a little bit about it as I had such a great time playing through it.

Breaking The Rules!

The premise of Nanase Mother and Daughter Affair or Nanase Family Affairs is that we have a young lady called Satomi who is a high school student and she wants to be a star member of the swim team. Like many other young ladies, she gives into her biological urges and that is against the school rules. Making matters worse is that the guy in charge of this school is going to abuse his power so that he can have Satomi’s fit, but thick swimming body to play around with if you know what I am saying!

The Gravitational Pull Of An Affair

Now, as well as Satomi, as the title Nanase Family Affairs or Nanase Mother and Daughter Affair suggests, mom is going to be getting in on the action. Satomi’s hot mother Yuko ends up getting involved in this and she also finds herself being used, but perhaps she likes it more than she is letting on! This is originally a Japanese game, but it has recently been translated and the translation is not bad at all. It is a rather short story and just an excuse to see the mom and daughter get railed, but it all works and is kind of fun. I especially liked the strict/bossy nature of Yuko, it kind of made her even hotter.

Addicted To Love!

One thing that is for sure about Nanase Family Affairs or Nanase Mother and Daughter Affair whatever you want to call it, is that it does not overstay its welcome. We get to move around the school which is easy to do and we basically go from one story section to the next in order to get the next lewd scene. It sounds like basic stuff, but it does work well and I never found myself stuck as it always seemed to keep me on the right path. I do think if the game were a bit longer, It could have become a bit of a chore and lost its appeal, but I think that them keeping this the length it is was the right decision.

A Little Thick For A Swimmer

I could not be into Satomi and Yuko anymore! Nanase Family Affairs is such a great-looking game and Nanase Mother and Daughter Affair has what I would consider to be the hottest mother/daughter duo I have seen in a game in a very long time. I liked the anime style of the visuals and found it all to be very appealing. I will say that the featureless male dude is not that great to look at, but who is looking at him when you have that thick big boobed babe to play around with. I really loved the art style here and for a short game, you do see a lot of naked people so that is awesome!


Based on the mother and daughter duo alone, Nanase Mother and Daughter Affair is a game that is worth playing. I loved seeing the two main characters in Nanase Family Affairs in all their glory and that was more than enough to push me through and want to see this through to the end. I also liked how it did not ask for much of my time. You play the game, get a kick out of the mother/daughter dynamic, have fun with the XXX content, and then move on to the next game.


  • Satomi had an absolute rocking body
  • Yuko is one very hot milf and I loved how bossy she was
  • The game has some amazing XXX content
  • I liked how the game was easy to play through, it kept things fun


  • It may be a tad on the basic side for those looking for more
  • You need to make sure you download the translated version if you want it in English

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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