NBA 2K20

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a game by Visual Concepts
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 4 votes
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NBA 2K20
NBA 2K20
NBA 2K20
NBA 2K20

The biggest problem with yearly sports games is that we shell out top dollar for a title that changes minimal year after year. However, NBA2K20 is part of a franchise that's mostly avoided the common criticisms some other sports games have recently faced. Each year we've had a decent basketball game that does seem like there's an effort to improve player experience.

Though recent releases have been on a downward trend regarding player feedback, most agree that the franchise's gameplay is solid. There hasn't been much to say that games preceding NBA2K20 haven't been worth it. However, every series tends to have its limits when offering the same thing year after year. Is this the game that peaks or crashes as we enter a new decade of basketball games?

Just Keep Dribbling

So what's the niche that will pull players into the NBA2K20 experience? Honestly, there doesn't look like too much has changed apart from some graphical and interface improvements. However, that won't deter loyalists from diving into their favorite basketball game and picking out the intricacies of difference.

NBA2K20 makes it clear that it isn't going to fix what's broken. The game only slightly improves on its revered game modes, including the standard, league, and career categories. There's a little more flexibility in gameplay and more customizability to allow players to set up their basketball experience exactly how they want it. It does make the GM and MyLeague modes more entertaining than before.

But naturally, like every annual sports game, criticisms start to mount. The critical issue is that there is barely anything apart from the spiraling trend of real-world purchases in the game. Somehow, at a time of its most significant critique, loot boxes have made their way into NBA2K20, something wildly unpopular with gamers no matter the title.

Still, NBA2K20 continues to ride its luck in not turning a proportionate amount of players against the game yet. It's still probably the best basketball game out there and feels like a more immersive sporting experience. It won't deter anyone from purchasing it, but how long can developers continue the trend before it gets stale?

Solace in the Same

It's strange how a game that's not fundamentally changed from its predecessor could remain so appealing. Perhaps NBA2K20 is a relief to fans who don't want to see the series fall victim to the changes that bogged down the Madden series. It's hard to argue that the title doesn't add to a magnificent string of basketball games over the past few years.


But then again, you feel like there will be a rumble if there isn't any innovation soon. Developers 2K will look very closely not to make the same mistakes their counterparts make if they want to keep the franchise intact. More important, on their part, they retain a healthy player base and attract more into the mix.

Round-Up - Pros & Cons


  • It remains arguably the best basketball game on the market
  • MyLeague and GM modes bring custom storylines into the experience
  • Few bugs compared to its predecessors


  • The introduction of what are essentially loot boxes
  • No significant changes to the game
  • The storylines still could use some more polish

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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