Neverwinter Nights 2

a game by Obsidian Entertainment, Inc.
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights 2

Released in 2006 and supported with some expansion packs, Neverwinter Nights 2 was a pretty big deal when it was first released. Created by the people at Obsidian this is an RPG that is clearly part of the Dungeons & Dragons universe and that is pretty awesome.

Let Me Tell You A Tale

Any good RPG needs to have a good story and I feel that the story which is told in Neverwinter Nights 2 is quite a good one. It is actually told in three acts. From discovering who you are, the introduction on evil wizard and then the best part of all….. The Shadow Reavers which are these creepy undead mages that you have to deal with. If you are a fan of fantasy, you will certainly enjoy the tale that is told here. The story is a little short and the side quests are not exactly the most interesting, but the main tale more than makes up for this. Not only that the way your party will chat with each other as they just going about doing what they do is truly awesome stuff. Some of the stuff they said legit cracked me up and had me laughing.

Who Are You?

The character creation is very in depth. I do not mean by 2006 standards either, Obsidian went all out with the character creation in this game. There are plenty of different races are there for you to choose from at the start. That is a nice amount, but then there is more. If you pick Dwarf, for example, you then can pick from a few different styles of dwarf. You could easily spend an hour here micromanaging every single aspect of your character.

Meet My Friends

If you played the first Neverwinter Nights game it was a very solo affair. Neverwinter Nights 2 though kicks things up by not just letting you have a party that will be at your side. You have full control over your party. You can mess around with them, change their moves, inventory and so on. By making your party just the way you need it, you are greatly helping your chances of making it through some of the tougher sections of the game. Plus like I mentioned the party does chat a lot to each other and that for me is a major highlight of the game. Most of my positive memories from the game are to do with the relationship of my party.

Roll The Dice!

As is the case with most games based on Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter Nights 2 is a game that does take a little while to get into. The combat is all point and click as you would expect in a game of this style. The different spells and attacks look great though so it is not as if the combat gets boring. I did find that there was sometimes what felt like a lot of luck at play when I would get into combat, but to be fair this could be just down to me not being great at the game.

You Sure Are Pretty

While you may not think it now, back in 2006, Neverwinter Nights 2 was a game that some PC’s actually struggled to run. On its highest settings, it was quite the graphical showcase and I think that it still holds up pretty well to this day.

The Fans Step In

Full disclosure here mods are something that I have not dabbled in. However, I have learned that the diehard fans and the modding community have stepped up big time with this game. From creating new quests, items, clothing and styles for your character and even the ability to still play it online. The fan community for Neverwinter Nights 2 has really taken this game to the next level.

If you like top down D&D style RPG games, Neverwinter Nights 2 is certainly a game that you will find interesting. I thought the story was really well written and quite entertaining. It is also really cool the way the fan community has taken over this game and made it something even better than what it originally was.



  • The story is great
  • Three very interesting story arcs
  • Lots of choices when it comes to your character
  • The presentation holds up very well
  • The modding community has taken this game to crazy new heights


  • Combat is a little basic
  • The story is shorter than you would think

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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