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a game by Flashpoint Productions
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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speeding bullet and leaping tall buildings with a single bound is all in a days work for a super hero. But what happens when an everyday Joe gets the chance to become a super hero? Can you save the city of Noctropolis from a band of evil villains, or will you make a complete pig's ear out of the job? Fear not, for the Hackmasters have been out on the rooftops in their masks and black cloaks, and we've ZAPPED! and BOFFED! our way to victory in this great comic-book adventure. Let me take you walk you through, starting at...

The Bookstore

Get the bills from the floor then go to the offid Get the letter and the tic et from the desk then pic, up the comic from the footstool. Read the comic then return to the shop and answer the door. In response to the weird visitor you can hand over the ticket and receive a mysterious package. Open the package and remove the gold an silver tokens. Use the silver token, and wit a flash of light you'll be transported into the dark world of Noctropolis.

Main Street

There are only two places in Main Street that are of interest - the news vendor and the Hall of Records. Talk to the news vendor and. when prompted, offer him your comic in exchange for information. In return he will answer all of your question - especially the address of the priest. Use the travel command to move to the Cathedral.


Talk to the boy sitting on the wall, then get the loose fence post from the top of the wall at the left side of the screen. Pic up the coil of wire lyins on the ground beside the left-hand lamp standard, then move to the right-hand lamp and open the access hatch at the base. Use the coil of wire and the fence post to zap the flying gargoyle which guards thi entrance. Enter the Cathedral.

Move into the confession booth and talk to the screen. The screen will open to reveal the priest. At this point it is wise to save your game position before you go any further. Getting the questions correct will result in you being given a bone - not the greatest of presents, but at least it means he likes you and you will also avoid getting shot, which is always a good thing. Make sure you ask the priest about everything before leaving. Now travel to Stiletto's apartment and have a pointless chat with her. It doesn't matter what you say at this point because you won't succeed in getting inside this girl's flat, or her affections - looks like your charm has still got some way to go. Travel back to Main Street.

Hall Of Records

Enter the Hall of Records and use the bone. You will be told that it belonged to Benjamin Hutchins whose remains now lie in the I City Mausoleum. At this point you may quiz the clerk on all he knows. (Note: You can talk to the clerk by pointing at his tiny silhouette which appears in the shadow just below the monitor screen.) Travel to the City Mausoleum.

City Mausoleum

Enter the small door to the right of the screen and read the note on the coffin. This will give you a map position for the Born-ick Mansion.

Bornick Mansion

Travel to the mansion and speak with the lady of the house. Again, you won't receive any vital information from this idle chat, but she is quite a looker! Travel back to the Mausoleum.

City Mausoleum

Re-enter the room with the coffin, then move the body nearest the door to reveal a key. Use the key to open the coffin then climb inside. At this point you will be transported to the mortuary and be set upon by the sexy Succubis. After a short romantic interlude with the young lady in the lacy underwear, you will be left on your own to recover your breath and rearrange your underwear. Move the angel statue to reveal a hidden staircase. You can pick up a piece of lace, which the wind blows into a crevice in the wall, but there doesn't appear to be any use for this momento of your recent encounter. Head downstairs.


Move the pillow on the bed to reveal the diary. Read the diary and discover the plot to blow up the Cathedral with a bomb. Find the box of explosives beside the mattress and take the metal spear from the statue. Use the metal spear to prise open the grille and exit the den.


Travel back to the cathedral and you'll find the priest lighting candles. Warn the priest about the bomb. Once you are told to search for the bomb, pick up the chalice from the altar and use it in the holy water fountain. Move the cushion lying before the altar and remove the detonator from the bomb. Travel again to Stiletto's flat, have yet another pointless conversation, then return to the Cathedral.

When you return you will find the Succ-ubis attacking the priest. Stiletto will appear and attempt to save the priest, and if you time your move correctly, you will be able to use the chalice of holy water to destroy the gorgeous monster. As you are suffering from the poisonous bite of the vampire you must now travel with Stiletto to your secret headquarters, known as Shadowlair. to be cured by being immersed in the Black Pool.


A quick punch-up with Stiletto is now on the cards just to show her who's boss. Once she retires to the pavilion, badly hurt, you may move the right-hand column of the Egyptian statue to reveal a book and the Noctroglyph. Open the column on the far right of the room to find your super hero costume, then dive into the pool to charge everything up for the adventure to come. Take a trip to Stiletto's apartment and you'll now find that she is ready to become your faithful assistant (amazing what a smack in the mouth has done for her). Go to the Sunspire building and speak with the guard. No matter what you say he will tell you that you must speak with Mr. Jenkins at the Cygnus Building before you can gain entrance to the site. Looks like you are going travelling again. "Quick Robin, to the Batmobile."

Cygnus Building

Enter the building and pick up the elevator card which lies to the right of the reception desk. Speak to the receptionist, and try to get an appointment to see Mr Jenkins. Ask her for a glass of water and sympathise with the receptionist over the state of the central heating. Make the deal with her. that if you can persuade the handyman to switch on the air-conditioning, then in return the receptionist will arrange a fast meeting with for you with Mr Jenkins.


Enter the basement and talk to Leon. As this will get you nowhere at all. you will then need to talk to Stiletto. Your beautiful assistant will now step forward and get the result you have been seeking.

Now use the red switch to get the air-conditioning on-line, then you must return to reception and have a talk with the secretary.

Jenkin's Office

Pick up the clock from the floor, ask Mr Jenkins all he knows, then return to the reception. At this point a telephone call will remove the receptionist and leave you free to head for the elevator. Once inside use the elevator pass and you will be taken to Ms. Shoto's office. Talk to Ms. Shoto then leave and return to the Sunspire Tower.

Sunspire Tower

Look at the truck to get info on the garden centre then talk to guard. Persuade Stiletto to talk to the guard. While the guard is distracted by your beautiful buddy, sneak into the site. Pick up the glass cutter from the lop of the lumber pile. Go to the platform and move the bricks. Move the platform to the first floor and pick up the piece of glass. Return to Stiletto, travel to the news vendor and ask for the location of the Greenhouse.

Central Park Greenhouse

Go to to the truck and pick up the seed and fertiliser. Return to the main door and use the glass cutter to get inside. Talk to Green-thumb. Once you are well and truly strung up. Greenthumb will tell you of the evil plan about to take place at the Opera. Use the Uquidark grenade, then pick up Stiletto and leave. Grab the poster from outside and return to Shadowlair to heal yourself.

Main Street

Ask the clerk in the Hall of Records about the Opera House and this will give you the map indicator.

Opera House

You can try picking up the prostitute outside. but whatever it is that she wants, you just aint got it! linter the theatre and talk with Top Hat.


Use the Noctroglyph to get past the security camera, then use the Quickgrow solution to turn your seeds in wall-devouring. Save your game position here.

Avoiding the lights, move to the right of the screen and pick up the screwdriver. Move to pick up the oilcan, then grab the logbook from the platform. Use the oilcan and the screwdriver to open the cover then grab the lens. Move to the spot where the oilcan was and save your game position.

You can now try and get back across the screen, avoiding the lights, but you will find this extremely difficult. Never fear - get yourself killed then restore your saved game position and you will find that the game has kindly moved you to the exit and saved you from an evening of aggravation. Return to the Opera House.

Opera House

After your spin on the wheel, pick up the knives and return to Shadowlair for a healing bath. Return again to the theatre and move the switches to reveal the trapdoor in the stage. Pick up a brick from the pile then move to stand on the trapdoor. Use the brick to open the trapdoor and lower yourself below the stage. Get the jewellery box and the make-up kit from the table. Move the costumes to reveal a door. In the room next door, pick up the screwdriver that lies on top of the steam pipe and use it to remove the locked door. Move the valve on the wall, then pick up the hose to demolish the brick barrier. Enter the next room and talk with the street punks. Offer the jewellery in exchange for information and you will be told of a butcher's lorry. Travel to the news vendor and ask about the butcher and you will be given a new map reference.

Butcher's Shop

Talk to the butcher and offer him a newspaper in exchange for a sausage. (All, if it were only like that in real life.) Go next door to the freezer and pick up a hook.

Move the carcasses twice to reveal a ladder, and before you can blink you will be captured by the mad doctor. Move the beaker then move the cart. Once you are free, get a beaker from the shelf and go next door. Use the beaker to collect some acid then go into the room containing the large fan. Move up close to the fan then, timing your move, jump between the blades into the adjacent room. From the rubbish on the left of the screen you must collect the wheel. Use the glass shard to cut a length of rope from the right side of the room. Return to the fan room. Use the rope to smash a hole through the wall. then, with a flick of the wrist, you can use the acid to create a bridge across the canal. Now move into the chandelier room and pick up the re-bar from the floor. Return to the room with the swinging balls and use the re-bar to repair the catwalk. Enter the room with the hot door and use the wheel to shut off the canal water. (At this point you can get the net from above the doorway, return to the room with the Xmas tree lights and trap a rat. but there appears to be no use for this.)

Return to the chandelier room and cross the empty canal. Give the make-up box to the disfigured accountant and begin to open the exit door. The door will open when you successfully line up three complete lines of the single colour which correspond to the colour tag on the edge of the door. Move the bottom peg out of the door into the spare slot to begin with, then shuffle the others into the correct position. Travel to Shadowlair and take a black bath.


Talk to the Dreamer then pick up the bucket of paint. Enter the clown's mouth, followed by the screaming clown's mouth. Pick up the dental pick then return to the entry screen and use the pick to enter Jack's Funhouse. Get the matches, then return to the right-hand clown's head and enter the Demon Room through the tower doorway. Get the oil lamp then leave and enter through the door which is created by moving the screen next to the screaming clown. In the Web room you can use the match to ignite the web. Pick up the silver cross and a piece of web which is found above it. Return to the Demon room and use the cross to dispel the demon. Get the diamond and go again to the Funhouse. where the diamond can be used to cut a door in the glass cover. Move the pepper pot then pick up the spilt pepper. Enter the screaming clown's mouth and use the pepper to obtain a paint brush. Outside the mouth, the paint brush can be used to create a doorway to the next location. Use the web as a rope to the Tower doorway, then move the runner at the base of the door to find the key. Once you are through the doorway you will be set upon by our small, bald friend, and it's back to Shadow-lair for you.

Cygnus Building

As it's obvious that Ms. Shoto knows more than she is saying, you must pay her another visit and ask about the Whisper-man. If you persist she will reveal that he is her father and is to be found beneath this very building. Return to the street outside and get a piece of the fence from around the lamppost and use this to open the sewer. Inside you will find a furnace which must be fed a number of times with old chairs from the rubbish nearby. When the floor opens up you can plunge in and arrive in Whisperman's lair. Now little grasshopper, it is time for you to be treated to a load of mystical revelations which will reveal that the gainewriters are fans of the Star Wars and Rats of Nym movies. Never mind - you have endured much in this game so you should also be able to withstand this. Return to street level and head for the elevator. Use the logbook and you will appear on the roof. Use the hook to slide to the Sunspire Tower, then pick up the roll of tape that you'll find. Climb the stairs, pausing to pick up the rope and the broom. Tie the sausage to the rope and use this to deal with the guard dog. Use the broom with the tape to gain entrance to the final sun room.

Your final ordeal is to listen to another bucketful of nonsense from the guy in the golden suit. Bite your lip and think of England to get through this ordeal, then, at the last minute, use the gold token to summon one of the immortals to save the day. Hooray! You've saved the city and won the heart (and the other more interesting bits!) of the lovely Stiletto.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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