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a game by Accolade
Genre: Action
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Pitball combines elements of arena football with aliens as contestants. You can play against a friend, challenge the computer, or try the four-player option in teams of two.

To score, you toss a sphere toward an elevated goal while avoiding your opponent. Flying fists, weapons, and power-ups hinder your scoring chances.

The graphics are colorful but pixelated in close-ups and the backgrounds are bland. Monsters like winged demons and mutated brains lend visual flair.

Pitball is a an excellent multiplayer game and a great rental. Check it out.


  • A good strategy Is to one-time the sphere. Pass the ball to a player near the goal, then have the receiver immediately tap the shoot button.
  • Fake out an opponent by jumping to make the shot, then passing to another player.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

In Pitball, you battle two-on-two against the computer or against up to three friends as you fight for a glowing sphere, which you must place into a goal. The futuristic teams are imaginative and monstrous, using bird-men, gargoyles, and more. It's like Road Warrior meets the NBA. and it looks cool. There's also a ton of arenas to choose from. If the gameplay gets faster. Pit-ball could be a surprise hit.

If you think sports competition is tough in the 20th century, you haven't seen Accolade's latest futuristic sports title, Pitball, staged in the 23rd century. The rules are simple: There are no rules. Players can use anything and everything at their disposal to get the small ball of glowing energy into the goal (a small hole high up on the opposing wall). This includes punches, kicks, nuclear warheads and anything else you have at your disposal. Competition takes place in a cozy, walled arena with two teams of two players battling to score more than the opposition. The competitors are among the galaxy's toughest warriors-renegades from the most hostile planets, each with a brutal range of attacks, weapons and amazing scoring techniques. Grab a friend and battle into the next millemium.

  • MANUFACTURER - Accolade
  • THEME - Action
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2


Take football, hockey, basketball and indoor soccer and combine them with a fighting game, shake it up real well, and out comes Pitball. Pitball takes these sports and removes everything that does not pump adrenaline, and calls it cyber-sports. The two-on-two action is fast, furious and non-stop. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that all of this takes place in the future with 12 different alien races from 12 different planets. Throw in the universally renowned Michael Buffer and his trademark "GET READY TO RUMBLE," and Accolade has a winner on their hands.


Here are the basic rules of Pitball: There are two teams with two players on each side. Each player has a power glove, generated from pure energy, that allows him or her to carry the ball. Players attempt to score goals by obtaining the ball (not easy) and shooting it into the opposing team's goal (really not easy). The team with the most points at the end of the time limit wins the match. Players do whatever they can to knock the ball loose from their opponents and gain possession.

Throughout the match, the crowd throws out various items to help or hurt the contestants. These items include bombs, landmines, boots, gloves, medikits and crystal orbs. Each of these items has a different effect on the contestants. The orbs allow the contestant to perform special moves that they are otherwise incapable of.

Pitball is 100 percent action. From the first "get ready to rumble" until the buzzer sounds to end the match, the butt-kicking never stops. The game is fairly easy to learn, but I do suggest the training mode to get started. There is a definite reason for this feature. Once you get a feel for the basic gameplay in the training mode, try out a real match. After you get knocked around and don’t score a single goal, go back to the training mode and practice your shooting. The shooting is one of the hardest things to get down. After you score goals from all areas and angles in the arena, step back into a real game and try again. Things will get better.

Pitball uses the multi-tap to allow up to four people to play together. In a one player game, the human is teamed up with a computer-controlled mate of the same species. You play against two computer-controlled aliens of the same species. In the two player mode, the two humans team up against two computer-controlled opponents or one human and one computer-controlled team can face the other human and computer-controlled team. The three player mode places two humans against a human and computer opponent and the four player places two humans against the other two humans.

Pitball also contains a season mode. The season mode allows you to pick a team and play out a season. A set schedule of opponents is available for planning the upcoming matches. You can also view the league standings and the data of the other teams in your league. But that’s not all. What sport would be complete without the involvement of money? To get your team off the ground, go to the bank and obtain a loan. What do you need the money for? A number of things. First, you can purchase upgraded equipment. This is almost a necessary stop to gain a competitive advantage.

After winning a few league games, you can attempt to get a sponsor (Nike?). When you enter the sponsorship screen, you will either be approached by a sponsor, if your record is good, or no one will want to sponsor you if your team is no good. The better your record, the better the sponsorship deal you will receive. If you don’t think the deal is sweet enough, reject the offer and come back after you get a few more wins under your belt. Once you get a sponsor, you are free to purchase more equipment upgrades, pay off loans, buy free agents to bolster your team and, of course, get into bribing and gambling. You can gamble on the outcome of the various matches on the schedule for the week. Of course, bribing the teams will also help ensure that you win your bets.

Each of the matches take place on one of the alien races' home-world. Each world has a number of factors that affect the outcome of the match. Gravity is different on the different planets, which keeps the gameplay constantly changing.


The graphics in Pitball are, you guessed it, 3-D. They are nicely drawn with excellent detail. The backgrounds are well done and add to the realistic feel of the match. The characters' little faces are a little blurry but they still look decent.

The best part of the game, graphically, is not part of the game itself. Each of the aliens has a small FMV cataloging their home world and a little history of themselves. Now, this is a bold statement, but I will make it anyway. These FMV’s are the best graphics I have ever seen on any gaming system. They are incredible. I don’t know how long Accolade's programmers spent bringing these characters to life, but it is well worth watching every one of these videos.


The audio is average. There is nothing spectacular. It is very Techno, with a fast rhythm to match the gameplay. It is basically background music that you don’t have time to notice.

Bottom Line

Once you master shooting the ball and the special moves, Pitball is a blast to play. Accolade has managed to pump up the action and never let down. Pitball is a well thought out game that you will play over and over again. The ability to play with up to four players really enhances the game. The season mode gives you reason to keep coming back for more. My only complaint is the fairly long load times before each match. They are not monstrous, but they are a bit of a nuisance. Oh yeah, there is also a hidden game tucked away. Maybe if you ask real nice, I will tell you how to find it. Pitball is a real winner and gets an unhesitant 91.

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