Power Move Pro Wrestling

a game by Activision
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Power Move Pro Wrestling
Power Move Pro Wrestling
Power Move Pro Wrestling
Power Move Pro Wrestling

Power Move Pro Wrestling "styles and profiles" with the most devastating and authentic array of wrestling holds ever seen in the video game squared circle. This wrestling simulation features 12 fictitious wrestlers and 3 hidden fighters (including the ring announcer and the referee) methodically stalking opponents around the ring and using real holds in real wrestling time.

Powerful Pro has every move from the Surfboard and Figure-Four Leg Lock to the Camel Clutch and Full-Nelson Suplex. One wrestler spits green mist into his opponent's face, and if you pound a grappler's head into the turnbuckle, his forehead will bleed. The only things missing from this game are power meters to show each wrestler's strength, a license from the WWF or WCW, and some type of tag team or battle royal matches. Even with these omissions, Power Move Pro Wrestling still has enough game-play stamina to win the championship.


  • If your opponent's name is flashing, he's pumped up from the crowd and will most likely reverse your move if you pull him up by the hair. Use a submission hold to calm down the crowd.
  • High-risk maneuvers are great when they work, but when they don't they can cost you the match.
  • If your opponent Is wobbly and near a tumbuckle, push him Into the comer and hoist him onto the ropes for a Superplex.
  • Drag your opponent toward the middle of the ring before slapping on a submission hold, because if you're near the ropes, the ref will make you break the hold.
  • When the match is at its earliest stage, knock your opponent down and use submission holds to soften him up for later.


Wrestlers writhe in pain and pound the mat when they're in submission holds. Everything from tattoos to blood is visible on their bodies.


The sound starts out well enough, with the ring announcer making hilarious comments about each wrestler, but the music is worse than the Honky Tonk Man's album.


Brain-busting control enables you to easily perform every move imaginable, from Scorpion Death Locks to Rude Awakenings.

Fun Factor

With more moves than you'll find in Stu Hart's dungeon and wrestlers more vicious than the New World Order, proves that a wrestling game without real wrestlers can still come out victorious.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Get ready to rumble with Power Move Pro Wrestling, the American translation of Toukon Ret-suden, the best-selling PlayStation game in Japan (see "Overseas Prospects," November). It's 3D mayhem inside the squared circle as 12 vicious fictitious grapplers battle for the championship with the most realistic array of wrestling holds seen in a video game to date. Combine moonsaults, figure-fours, and swinging neck-breakers with devastating high-flying aerobatics off the top rope to pummel your opponent into submission. Wrestlers spit green mist into their foe's face, and if you pound their heads into the turnbuckle, their faces start to bleed. PMPW is on its way to being crowned "King of the Ring."

Few sports match professional wrestling for pure enjoyment There's nothing quite like seeing two or more grown men throwing each other around, smashing each other's faces into the ground and generally beating the snot out of each other-knowing all the while that somehow no one is going to get killed, mutilated or maimed for life. Although some may see pro wrestling as the quintessential U.S. pastime, it is a sport that is enjoyed worldwide, as evidenced by the success of Tomy's Toukon Retsuden-New Japan Pro Wrestling. Soon Activision will be bringing this well-known Japanese wrestling game to America with the release of Power Move Pro Wrestling.

Although "realistic pro wrestling" may sound like a contradiction in terms, the developers of Toukon Retsuden have worked to make this title as lifelike as possible. The game features 12 different polygon-based wrestlers represented in full 3-D. Each wrestler has his own unique special moves, many of which can do extensive damage. As the match progresses, the wrestlers show fatigue by weaving unsteadily and gasping for breath, and Activision reports that the U.S. version will feature cumulative body damage that will indicate the status of your wrestler.

This is a helpful feature since there are no health bars on screen; watching your wrestler closely is the only way to know how much fight he has left in him. Although you will not have health bars, your wrestler will have "hit points" in two categories: strength and submission. Straightforward moves like kicks and Body Slams will deplete your opponent's strength points, while "submission" moves like the Sleeper Hold and the Camel Clutch will take away his submission points, until he finally gives up.

There are a variety of moves specific to the position of the two wrestlers, as well. For example, certain moves can be performed only when facing an opponent who is unsteady on his feet; others work only when your wrestler is standing directly behind the opponent.

If he's face up on the mat, you'll also be able to perform different moves than you will if he's face down.

In order to translate this game for the U.S. market, Activision will be changing the name and appearance of each of the wrestlers, rings and arenas. Other than that, however, this game is expected to remain intact from the Japanese version. With the popularity of wrestling leagues like the WCW and the WWF, Power Move Pro Wrestling should prove just as successful.

Wrestling as real as it gets

The developers are including a full repertoire of pro wrestling moves, like Pile Drivers, Body Slams. Rope Tosses and even the formidable Figure-Four Leg Lock, a particularly satisfying move that allows you to watch your opponent writhe in pain on the mat. In addition, certain positions in the ring will allow you to perform certain moves. For example, if you're near the ropes, you'll be able to toss your opponent out of the ring, vault over the top rope to stomp on his face then continue the fight on the floor. You'll have the option of bashing his face into the ring barrier or pummeling him until he's out cold long enough to be disqualified. But be careful--if you're out of the ring for too long, you'll run the risk of being disqualified yourself. This game will be so detailed, it will even let you drag your opponent around the ring by his hair or his feet, or even roll him under the ropes and out of the ring if he's down long enough.

  • MANUFACTURER - Activision
  • THEME - Sport
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2


12 professional wrestlers jump into the ring elbows first in Activision's new wrestling game, Power Move Pro Wrestling. 3D polygon wrestlers give you in the face, body slammin', top rope jumpin' action.

All of your favorite wrestling moves are here. Kicks, elbow drops, shoulder breakers and off-the ropes clotheslines highlight your arsenal. That's not all. Throw your opponent out of the ring and continue the beating close-up with the crowd.

Power Move Pro Wrestling was first released in Japan and sold and unprecedented 220,000 units, making it the number one selling wrestling game. The game has been completely redesigned for the international market with new artwork, gameplay and a new announcer.


First off, lets just get one thing out in the open. I am an avid sports gamer. Put me in a room with only sports games and I will be a happy man. Anyway, in my opinion, wrestling is NOT a sport (let the hate mail fly). I have never believed wrestling to be classified as a sport. Therefore, Power Moves Pro Wrestling can't be considered a sports game. No that this is a bad thing, I just wanted to get that clear

Okay, now that that is off my chest, lets get down to the action title that Power Moves is. This is actually a rather fun game. Just about any wrestling move you can imagine is packed in here with one of the characters. Each of the characters has essentially the same core moves, executed a little differently between wrestlers. The fun part is the special moves that distinguish each and every wrestler. The best part about the special moves is the ease of which they are performed. One and two button combos are all that is required to pull off the Frankensteiner or the Octopus Stretch. There are no 26 button, stand on your head, jump up and down three times to get it to work, combos. The controls are almost too simple.

After the first four or five matches I played, I started thinking that this could be it. The ultimate wrestling game. I was arm dropping, kicking, smashing, top rope jumping and the whole deal. That's when the I found the one area of frustration. Once your wrestler goes down, you can do nothing to speed the process of standing back up. You just lay there and wait. When the computer decides it is time to get back up, you get up. This was very frustrating. All I ask is that my wrestler attempt to get up. Even if he doesn't get up any faster, at least make it look like he is trying. But no, he just lays there on his back. Not going anywhere. Just hanging out. Might as well go grab some nachos because in the latter part of the match, he gets up real slow.

If you can get over the slow recovery times, Power Moves actually involves strategy. It is not just a beat you opponent to a bloody pulp game. Opponents get weaker if you isolate your attacks to the same region of the body. Work on the legs or the upper body. Concentrate your efforts to that region and it will pay dividends (like the computer laying on his back for a long time). Don't get me wrong. You still have to throw in a body slam or two but the strategy element is important.


Power Moves sports the trendy 3D graphics and are nicely done. Wrestlers actually show signs of fatigue by breathing heavy and eventually you can get them bleeding. When the special moves are executed the graphics are flawless and realistic. This is definitely one of the strong areas of the game. Four high-resolution arenas are available with interactive crowds that cheer the underdog to try and give him that extra adrenaline burst to even things up.


The audio is nicely done as well. The ring announcer is neat the first couple of times but you will start hitting the skip button to bypass his announcements. The music and sound effects are simple but add to the realism of the game.

Bottom Line

Power Moves Pro Wrestling is an average wrestling title. There is really nothing that makes it stand out from the pack. There is some fun to be had but you will find yourself frustrated when you can't get up and fight. The special moves are easy to execute and fun to watch. The graphics are nice but nothing we haven't seen before on the Playstation. I suggest you take it for a test drive before you drive this one home.

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