Raven’s Quest

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a game by PiXel Games
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Raven’s Quest
Raven’s Quest
Raven’s Quest
Raven’s Quest

If you want a solid little lewd RPG, Raven’s Quest is well worth taking a closer look at. I was drawn to this thanks to the incredible art the game had to offer and it ended up being a game that I did enjoy my time with. I know that some people feel like this would have been better if the developer had gone all in with this being a lewd visual novel. However, I feel like the RPG elements may be basic, but they do flesh the game out more than if it were just a bog standard XXX visual novel.

A World Filled With Lust!

What we have here with Raven’s Quest is a fantasy type story, I will admit I saw the title of the game before I knew what it was about and I kind of hoped that it was going to be another lewd game based on Teen Titans! While it was not that, this turned out to be a decent fantasy romp and the whole gimmick here is that the world of Lustien that the game is set is full of people who are addicted to sex…. As you would expect with a name like that.

The Straight And Narrow!

The thing with Raven’s Quest is that while the story is certainly serviceable, it is not the kind of story that is going to wow you and be something that you remember for a long time after. Raven is a decent and interesting character, but there is just not a great deal of depth to anything that is going on in this story. I would not say that it is boring, but it does feel like it is playing it rather safe and just trying to have as many of the lewd fantasy tropes as it can.

Sexy, But Charming!

The best thing about Raven’s Quest has to be those incredible visuals! They have gone for a kind of hand drawn style with this thing and it was so the right decision! The characters and creatures look fantastic and I love the way we have so many clothing options for Raven. Actually, dressing her up is the sexiest thing about this game. There is lewd content here, but there is not as much as you may think and the animation loops are rather short too. Still, this is a great looking game and I feel like the fantastic art actually makes the story seem much more entertaining.

Fighting And Banging In The Woods!

First of all, I give the developer a ton of credit for trying to make Raven’s Quest more than just another XXX visual novel. The gameplay here is like a basic RPG, you need to chat with people, take on missions, fight enemies, use items, and so on. The UI is very easy to get to grips with and I never once felt like I was stuck and did not know what to do. The combat is very simplistic and this seems to be the number one gripe people have with the game, but I did not have a problem with it, I kind of liked how it was not a grind fest!


I have to say that I can see why some people may not have been super excited with Raven’s Quest, but I did enjoy my time playing this game. I thought that while the story did not exactly blow me away, it was more than serviceable and Raven was a very interesting, sexy, and cool character to play as. Plus, that amazing art that this game has is more than enough to keep you wanting to play through this game.


  • Raven is such a sexy and cool character
  • I liked dressing Raven up in hot clothes!
  • It was very easy to figure out what I had to do next
  • This game looks amazing!


  • The story while serviceable, is rather predictable
  • It could have done with a few more XXX scenes

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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