Real War: Rogue States

a game by Simon & Schuster
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 6 votes
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Real War: Rogue States
Real War: Rogue States
Real War: Rogue States
Real War: Rogue States

Real War: Rogue States, a modern military real-time strategy game, adds a timely 'War on Terror'? theme as the second title in the Real War series. The game has two sides, the United States and something called the International Liberation Army, an optimistically equipped conventional force with a few terroristy unit types.

The package-borne hype that this is based on "official Joint Chiefs of Staff" training may be a stretch. Command and control issues are not presented. Equipment, touted on the box as, "the weapons of today" are a bit abstracted. The US main battle tank is more powerful than the light tank but there's no elaboration on why or by how much. Unit details may be modeled in the game code somewhere but to the player there's little with which to judge game scale in any of the four dimensions. There are tactical nukes and bio-tipped Scuds but real world "joint chiefs" of both sides would have to cope with the consequences of their handling and use. The game does not.

Play modes include skirmish, campaign and multi-player. Skirmish has many options and map types and is as close as RW:RS comes to a random map game. Your starting position is randomized but no other features on a particular map are. The campaigns are linear and linked, one for each side, good for one, maybe two, plays through.

Multiplayer works well. The GameSpy Arcade web site provides an area for this title. If you venture there be sure you've played the skirmish maps a few times and know where the neutral supply sources are.

The AI seemed unbalanced at first but once you figure out how to establish a well-defended base, the game does offer chances for some operational-style thinking. Some.

This one was almost a Not Recommend but fans of RTS clickfests looking for a modern setting will find value.

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