Outlaw Golf

a game by Simon & Schuster, and Hypnotix, Inc.
Genre: Sports
Platforms: GameCube, XBox
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Outlaw Golf
Outlaw Golf
Outlaw Golf
Outlaw Golf

People say:


Nice try, but regardless of what some developers think of gamers (you know, that were all horny, smart-ass ingrates), it takes more than a few slutty chicks, light cussing and violence to make a game good enough for us boys and girls. When are they going to learn that it takes a least a Playboy Mansion full of bunnies, a Reservoir Dogs amount of swearing, and GTA3 violence to get us going? But seriously, while OC will satisfy those who enjoy all manner of offensive fluff and provide enough sim stuff for golf fans, it's a mediocre package overall. For instance, although OG gets props for its original Composure feature which, depending on how well or poorly you hit shots, directly affects your players emotional and physical control, its very unforgiving. Add imprecise visual cues and an analog-stick swing scheme thats difficult to control, and casual players who just want to enjoy the front nine will be too teed off to play beyond the third hole. Its also disappointing to see weird slowdown on character animations and a golf audience that looks unfinished when the rest of the game looks pretty good. To be fair, although we casualites may not want to take time to practice our golf swings and get competitive at OG, seasoned players like sports guy Dan Leahy will appreciate its golf-sim toughness. But for less experienced video athletes: Youre going to have to really work at it to enjoy this one.


Along with R-rated antics thatll tickle any gamers inner Beavis and/or Butthead, Outlaw Golf dishes a golf game youll keep playing after you get sick of the repetitive zingers (provided by the Daily Shows Steve Carell). The swing meter, which has you wiggling an analog stick rather than jabbing buttons, is novel and intuitive, and I prefer Outlaws putting system to any other golf games. If only you got more courses (three aint enough) and camera options. Still, nifty multiplayer modes like speed golf kept me coming back: I had way more fun competing against buds than playing with myself. Er, I mean playing solo. This games chicks arent that hot.


Outlaw Golf is basically Hot Shots gone mature, which is what I was expecting, style-wise. What took me by surprise was the rather deep, involving golf game that lies beneath the crass exterior. Outlaws analog swing meter isnt revolutionary (Tiger Woods used it this past spring) but it is simple and responsive. Push the stick left and you get a nasty hook. Keep it straight, hit it straight. Dont let Ms. Kim sway you; its not that hard. The putting scheme is damn near genius, using a three-look read of the green instead of the overplayed topographical-vector-tines-im-confused approach. Hats off to Hypnotix for one of the summers true sleeper hits.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

As if adding the word 'outlaw'? automatically makes a game more intense or extreme, I give you Outlaw Golf, a game where conventional golf is thrown out the window and is replaced with people that clearly have been recently paroled.

Outlaw Golf is an interesting twist on the normally boring game of golf where players can select from a motley assortment of freaks and thugs and place them on completely original golf courses designed specifically for the game. Aside from the challenging and fairly decent controls, players will also appreciate the added extras, like the beat-downs you can give your caddie or the composure meter that makes the game easier if you are playing well and harder if you hit bad shots.

In all actuality the composure meter is one of the items that make this game stand out from the crowd. I liked the way that the announcer really let you have it with quick-witted barbs when you sliced a shot or missed an easy putt. Much like any real golfer will tell you, when you are on, you are really swinging the clubs well. Likewise, when you can't do anything right then making easy shots seem almost impossible. Once things start going downhill for your player, your composure can visibly be seen falling apart.

Other then playing well for several shots in a row, I found the fastest way to regain my players' composure is to beat the crap out of my caddie. To do this, a player must earn a beating token by playing well (getting a birdie or eagle on a hole) and then cashing it in. When you cash in a beating token, the screen changes and you must complete the beating meter as best you can, and if done to any degree of success, your composure will reflect it.

Now before, I stated that the controls were fairly decent, and for the most part, it is true but there is one significant fault with the putting. The whole design of the putting controls is done very unevenly to the point that I still don't understand the percentage meter and how it relates to the power meter. Sometimes I get them lined up and will sink a putt, other times I'll think I'm dialed in correctly but end up sending the golf ball 27 feet past the hole. It's this kind of inconsistent control that can make or break a game like golf and I suspect the putting controls will turn some players off.

On a final positive note, this game is quite funny; the characters have all the right looks to be popular with most fourteen-year old boys and the smart-ass comments made by the game's commentator had me chuckling on more than one occasion. Rent it for some off-beat fun.

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