Sonic and The Secret Rings

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a game by Sonic Team
Platform: Wii
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 10 votes
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Sonic and The Secret Rings
Sonic and The Secret Rings
Sonic and The Secret Rings

Coming in the wake of Sonic's disastrous self-titled next-gen offering, Secret Rings seems like a godsend. While Sonic the Hedgehog painfully juggled a cavalcade of overly ambitious yet underdeveloped elements, Rings aims to rethink the gameplay of classic Sega Genesis Sonic with a Wii-mote twist. Here, you hold the controller horizontally as you steer the titular mammal through all manner of platforming perils. "Our goal was to create a simple, engaging game that brings Sonic's speed and personality alive in an entirely new way," explains Director Yojiro Ogawa. "The game is very fast-paced and Sonic is using his speed to constantly run forward, but there are alternate paths players can take within levels and different ways to complete the levels." At first, Rings' fixed camera, narrowly focused level design, and largely on-rails gameplay might seem oversimplified, but it's far more instinctive, addictive, and fun than any 3D Sonic game in recent memory. Plus, Sega plans to augment the single-player action with over 30 multiplayer minigames that make use of the Wii's controller in creative new ways.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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