Speed Haste

Download Speed Haste and experience the thrill of high-octane racing! Put your driving skills to the test, customize your vehicle, and race to the finish line. Can you become the ultimate speed demon? Play now!
a game by NoriaWorks Entertainment
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Speed Haste
Speed Haste
Speed Haste
Speed Haste

Sorry Folks, Blit I'm In A Bit Of a dilemma here. What can I tell you about Speed Haste that you don't already know? (Apart from the fact that it's a stupid name.) After all. the shareware version was on last month's cover cd... and it worked on 4 meg 486s. so you'll have experienced the thing even if you've got a less-than-ninja pc. See my predicament? What I have to do is work out a way in which I can involve you in this review on an interactive level... and the only way I can see my way round it is to host a multiple choice exam doofer. I'll ask the questions (naturally), and you simply have to go for a top score: the correct answers are at the bottom of the page. (Oh. and if you're in the 'Floppy Drive Only' minority or you're a new reader, you can play too. but you'll have to guess.)

Question 1

The Speed Haste options screen is unlike any that's ever been seen before... all the choices have a completely new and original 'twist' to them.

A: Yes. I couldn't believe it - it's amazing!

B: Eh? It's just the usual championship, single race or practice stuff. But the wealth of multi-player options is good.

Question 2

Only one car is available, and it's an Austin Maestro.

A: Don't be silly. You can choose either Nascars or FI cars - and there are six of each to choose from. Manual or automatic. The FI cars are easier than the Nascars. though.

B: Sounds okay to me, Maestros are cool!

Question 3

The Speed Haste automobiles, whether you're playing in FI mode or Nascar mode, handle unrealistically.

A: Oh, come on... they may be a tad iffy, but at least you can put them sideways and stuff. Especially the stock cars.

B: You kid not. They're all on rails.

Question 4

The opponents' AI is top notch.

A: So how come they kept driving into the back of me? B: It's sufficient for arcade frolics. Lighten up.

Question 5

The eight tracks are superbly detailed, and the sense of speed is phenomenal, whether you use the in-car view or either of the Ridge Racer behind views.

A: Whoah! How about it looks okayish... and also that the sense of speed isn't particularly amazing whatever viewpoint you adopt.

B: What do you mean, eight tracks? There are only two. And your speed never seems to get above 20 mph. The graphics, however, are superb at times.

Question 6

Speed Haste will keep you gripped for months. It's hyper addictive, and new challenges appear all the time.

A: Are you taking the piss or what?

B: I assume you're joking. Still, it's way better than Virtual Kurts, eh?

Question 7

At just under 30 quid. Speed Haste is the best value game in the entire world.

A: The shareware version was pretty good value. I'll admit, but...

B: 30 quid would get me pissed for an entire weekend...

C: I own a 486 with 4 megs of ram. I need all the games I can get. I welcome Speed Haste with open arms... even if I do have to lose some of the not-overly-impressive-in-the-first-place visuals.


(1) B; (2) A; (3) A; (4) A and B; (5) A: (6) B; (7) A. B and C.

Yeah okay, so I admit there was more than one answer to some of the questions, but we like to keep you on your toes.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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