Super WorldBox

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a game by Maxim Karpenko
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 7 votes
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Super WorldBox
Super WorldBox
Super WorldBox

Historically, the depth of mobile games has not been especially notable. They’re fun, quick, and most importantly they’re designed to be addicting. It could be argued that not all of them are fun or quick, but even the worst of the bunch are easily addictive due to their design. However, recent trends have been changing for the better and games of all sorts are starting to exhibit great qualities that combine these aspects neatly along with some extra care. Games like Super WorldBox – God Simulator are spearheading this charge by appearing simple mechanically, yet being quite complex and of course addictive without needing to promote itself through pay-to-win tactics.

Currently, this game is only available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS (though it can be installed on Chromebooks and Mac devices in its current state). Given its popularity and wild success since the beta launched in 2018, the developer, Maxim Karpenko, plans to release the game on Steam and other platforms sometime this year.

Do Anything

Normally, hearing this tagline for a video game does not give me a great feeling. Its something that’s been tried over and over again while only a few have succeeded. WorldBox is one of those few in the sandbox genre, along with games like Minecraft and Universe Sandbox2, though for wildly different reasons. This game isn’t open ended in the same sense that these two are – Minecraft technically has an ending, while Universe Sandbox just lets you carry out universal/celestial events in an instant without needing any knowledge (though it helps to study for that sort of title). Instead, WorldBox is centered around creating or destroying your own world, building up and toppling civilizations, and mixing some of mystical/fantastical elements in there just for good measure.

Additionally, you have the powers of a god and you can use them to improve or decimate the world as you wish. In regard to simulation type games, it’s a lot of fun with endless potential for future updates. There are plenty of avenues and forms of town/empire evolution that are interesting to toy with, though they can feel a bit short in some iterations of the game. Still, the game has not seen a full release and the developers are working hard to fix noted bugs while expanding gameplay elements.

Endless Potential

Like I said, this game lets you do almost anything. You can have knights battling other mystical races as UFOs attack settlements, modern troops taking on orcs, or Santa wreaking havoc across the world. Even though the game is still in its beta form, the procedurally generated world of each run is chaotic and constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. With that said, there are a few pieces of the game that are lacking. Currently, you only have one save slot to work with, which can be tedious if you happen to go down a route you aren’t happy with. Second, though the rounds take a decent time investment, they can quickly grow repetitive despite the seemingly endless possibilities.

Bottom Line

Each game you start/restart may be different, but expect a lot of the actual gameplay to be static. Lastly, there are quite a few bugs that you will encounter along the way, as is the catch with playing beta forms of games. Just be prepared to deal with this if you are truly interested in this title.


WorldBox is an innovative title that really cranks up the creativity of the sandbox genre. Future updates will determine its ultimate status among other giants, but the outlook at the moment is promising.


  • Plenty of routes towards empire/civilization evolution (or destruction)
  • Chaotic and creative
  • Interesting sound design and graphics


  • Several game breaking bugs in its current beta
  • Only one save to work with
  • Gameplay can grow repetitive quickly even with changes in focus on player’s part

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Playing god without any power is terrible, it’s boring and no one listens to you. Need that power fix? Want to watch a budding civilisation grow in strength, overcome hunger and war and then you unleash dragons on them? Yeah you do, it’s time to get your smite on with Super WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko.


The concept of the game is simple enough; you focus your efforts on creating a world, then you create civilisations, these can be humans, elves, dwarves or other. Then you spawn sheep, wolves, dragons and more to see how those things interact. I cannot overstate this idea enough the game is not meant to be hard for you, it’s meant to be hard for the civilisations you create. You are God, omnipotent and all knowing and all kid with an ant hill and magnifying glass. The game is intuitive, with simple click and drag style controls, you paint the world. Leave it for a while and see how everything develops. Then you intervene with a nuke. It’s fun, really fun.

It also inadvertently doubles as an effective world history builder for a D&D campaign or something given how well designed the little international relationships and such go on around the world.

Features for Destruction

There is a lot in this game that inspires the destructive God in you; nukes, lightning storms, dragons, plagues and more. The predesigned gameplay is one thing but the method of your madness is something else, this game wants you to explore its functions and that permits for a great amount of flexibility and replay value. Unleash a zombie horde for giggles, do it in incremental difficulties and see how the world battles on until it is inevitably overrun.

Experiment with everything it has to offer and you won’t be bored very quickly. There won’t be a great amount of gameplay variety but the game mode it offers is still incredibly amusing.

Art Style

Done in a charming pixel art style, Super WorldBox is played all from a high bird’s eye view. Although it doesn’t offer a real ‘close-up’ option so you can’t see anything in any particular detail, it does help facilitate the detachment that god must experience. That being said, the world is adorable and does provide a great deal of settlement options so you can diversify your inhabitant’s factions.

It’s like being god in a top down Minecraft, but the denser pixel pallet does give you greater visual fluidity as opposed to Minecraft’s rigid look. With the great amount of pixels that go into each larger scale animation, things like explosions and lightning all look really satisfying as they convey the amount of destructive power those things have.


This s a solid game and provides a lot of fun while scratching the all powerful itch we each desire. If you love a game with great flexibility, creativity and replay value then this is a great option.


  • Great Replay Value
  • Brilliant amount of destructive options


  • No real game mode diversity
  • Lacks a lot of finer details
  • No naval combat

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