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a game by Kazuya, and Tensun3d
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Action Role-Playing Games have always been one of the most played genres, with games such as Zelda, The Witcher, Dark Souls and many others being a part of it for years and years, these games elevate the generic action adventure games by adding more depth to the process of taking your fights, such as crafting materials to help you get through these fights and acquiring weapons and armour to appropriate your enemies. While it may not be necessary, strategy is key to success in most ARPGs, but Sword X Hime requires none of that.

Sword X Hime is a game that is more focused upon being an erotic game, rather than being a game that has great gameplay in its action role playing game department. If anything, I wouldn’t really call it an ARPG to be honest, it’s a hentai game, folks, there’s no other way to say it.

A Poor Balance of Hentai and Sword

Sword X Hime is a hentai game, there’s no way around it, you can’t really play this game and enjoy it for the action aspects, it is severely lacking, there’s not even a death penalty for if you mess up. You just walk around and slice Orcs until they die or if they deplete your HP your character falls down for a bit then stands up again with full HP, this is an infinite loop and the game has no punishment for losing your HP whatsoever.

The main bit of this game are the awkwardly designed adult scenes, these usually occur while fighting mini bosses scattered around the missions areas that you go to, if the boss stuns you, they then move towards you and the adult scene with wonky animations begins. These are usually terrible to look at because of the weird animation and the sound effects, along with the soundtrack booming in the background.

Visually Bland

The game has a tendency to be visually quite conflicted, the Orcs and monsters that you encounter in the game look like they are from a medieval role playing game, while the main character looks like they are from a cute Japanese Gacha role playing game, the environments on the other hand have almost a photorealistic design which is made even more obvious with all the cartoony characters of the game running around in them.

Though it is conflicted, the environment has some nice textures and the overall graphics don’t really seem too terrible, they just don’t really work together well. The art style isn’t really existent in the game, and the adult scenes are often bland, they’re just poorly animated messes to watch, not to mention the bugs that make them even less enjoyable to look at, where one of the two characters in the adult scene will be completely separated as the animation plays out.

Bland and Colourless Game Design

Overall, the game is nothing unique nor fun, it doesn’t have anything eye catching nor does it have any good animation, the only few things it has going on for itself are some of the adult scenes, along with the amount of customization that you can get, while not a lot of options to choose from, the cosmetics are made with that in mind and the voice acting during the adult scenes is pretty decent.


The game is a buggy mess of broken adult animations and very terrible action role playing game elements that just make for a boring experience overall.


  • Some Adult Scenes
  • In game cosmetic customization
  • Some nice environment graphics
  • Good voice acting during adult scenes


  • Broken buggy mess
  • Missing the action in the ARPG
  • Missing the role playing in the RPG
  • Soundtrack is overplayed
  • Art design is non-existent, the character models and environment don’t match
  • No game over screen or any nuance to the combat

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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