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Triple Play 2000

This is POWER Baseball! Great game features such as: Full control hitting - more power, more contact! One-button baserunning! Fast-paced gameplay! Home Run Challenge! Multiple fielding cameras! Real-time lighting! Detailed facial animations!
Nintendo 64

Triple Play 2001

With a few exceptions, EA's Triple Play 2001 is largely the same as last year's blockbuster.

Triple Play 96

Triple Play 96 is a Baseball Sim game, developed by Extended Play Productions and published by EA Sports, which was released in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Triple Play 98

Don't expect EA Sports' Triple Play 98 to be nothing more than a slightly spruced-up version of last year's game.

Triple Play 99

Fans of the Triple Play series will immediately feel at home with the 99 edition.