Unlimited SaGa

a game by Square Enix
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
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Words fail me. Having just played Square's latest RPG, I am literally speechless. Unlimited Saga is that rare game that fails on so many levels with only the bare minimum of positive qualities.

Unlimited is an RPG where players can choose to adventure as one of seven characters, each with their own motive for discovering the secrets of the Seven Wonders. Each one of these characters is going to make seasoned RPGers think of another character from a far superior RPG'The Pirate Woman, The Disgraced Knight, The Inventor, just to name a few.

As I stated above the game has many problems. Most notably is the seemingly endless menu(s) that must be accessed in order to accomplish anything, even the simplest tasks. Players must fight the monotony and repetition to equip weapons, swap equipment with other characters, and even pick up items or access discovered areas.

At one point my wife, who was watching me play actually stated 'Why is it so difficult to look at that waterfall?'? and she was right. Gamers will want to discover the mystery of the magical waterfall, not the challenge of trying to figure out how to get to the waterfall when their character is clearly standing next to it. This uncomfortable control scheme is tethered to a non-existent exploration interface that will drag long time gamers back to the age of 8 and 16 bit games, screaming the entire way. Towns are nothing more then a picture of a town with two or three highlighted icons representing important sections of town, like the Inn or shops. And travel between these postcard towns is just as bad. Instead of a 3-D profile, gamers look down on a map and stare at a section that gives you a choice (sometimes only one) of a direction. Using the analog stick players push the appropriate direction and then do the same thing over again, sometimes a battle may occur as you occupy new sections or maybe a treasure will be discovered, eventually you will reach your (un)intended destination.

Battle is also quite painful with the constant reels appearing for each attack. Basically players select one of the many different attacks each character has and then the battle starts as a reel appears with icons spinning by. Pressing the 'X'? button will stop the reel and your character will attack. What makes this even more inane is the fact that there is one icon that is different then all of the others, and should you get lucky enough to hit the button perfectly, that special icon will unleash a super attack. I can't tell you what that attack may be, since I could never hit the icon perfectly (it's that hard).
I could go on about the flat graphics and the lack of good leveling up system but I can't continue. A truly abysmal gaming experience that doesn't do the Square moniker justice, we know they are capable of better.

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