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A lewd visual novel with D&D style combat is how Unyielding was described to me and that right there was enough to get me invested. I love lewd visual novels and I love playing dungeons and dragons too, as a matter of fact, I am pretty deep in a new campaign at the moment. Anyway, with a cool fantasy style setting and some pretty epic XXX artwork, I think that there is a great deal to like about this game, and even though it is still just in early access as I write this, I think there is more than enough to keep you busy for several hours here.

Man, I Feel Like A Woman!

Well starting this Unyielding review off with a Shania Twain reference was not how I thought this thing was going to start if I am being honest with you! Still, the story that this game is telling is about a man called Catley who was cursed by this wizard and this curse has changed him into a woman! It is a typical lewd “transformation” style lewd story, but one that I found to be a lot of fun. What I really liked about the story was how character driven it was. It made for a very entertaining romp, even if it is not yet complete as I write this.

A Game Of Four Steps!

The Dungeons & Dragons style gameplay of Unyielding is something that I got a huge kick out of. Each “round” has four steps for you to do, you move, perform an action, perform a bonus, and then lastly you end your turn. You will take part in combat, visit shops, level up, and embark on many different quests. The game is played on a grid type system where you move around the map and encounter various things, it is pretty well done and rather easy to get to grips with if you are familiar with the world of D&D.

Well, Hello There

As you have probably guessed, Unyielding does also have a lot of talking going on and this is where the visual novel aspect of the game comes into play. You will get to chat a great deal to various characters and this is where you move the plot along and try to help our hero (well heroine) with their plight and get to the bottom of what is really going on.

The Wrath of the Lewd Witch!

See what I did there? If you get that reference, you and I can be JRPG buddies. Anyway, I am a big fan of the art style that Unyielding has going on. It has a very anime kind of style to it all and I know my cheesy Ni No Kuni reference was done just to make me seem cool (did it work?) however, this game does have a rather bright and colorful design to it that does make you feel like you are playing through an anime. The map screen that you navigate around may be a bit on the basic looking side, but for a D&D fan, it does add to the charm. The game also has some excellent lewd content too which is all animated and looks great.


While I have loved my time with Unyielding and I will certainly come back when they make the next update. I have to say that I do feel you have to be into your D&D style RPGs to get fully invested in this. I can see some people maybe having a hard time getting to grips with it if they are not familiar with this style of game and perhaps even thinking it is a tad on the clunky side! Still, even with that being said, this was a game that I had a fantastic time with.


  • I loved the D&D gameplay elements that are here
  • The combat is fun
  • The story for a transformation style story was a whole lot of fun
  • I liked how bright and anime the visuals of the game were


  • I do think that you need to be into D&D to fully appreciate this
  • It may be a bit on the clunky side in regards to navigating the game menus

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