Veigues Tactical Gladiator

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a game by Game Arts
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Veigues Tactical Gladiator
Veigues Tactical Gladiator
Veigues Tactical Gladiator
Veigues Tactical Gladiator

They're at it again! In the year 2321 A.D. mysterious aliens from parts unknown invaded Earth. Areas of the planet are already under their total control. The commanders of the Federation Army are frightened and frantic. Possessing a fighting force far beyond anything ever encountered on Earth before, the invaders seem sure to do in humankind once and for all.

And yet there's a ray of hope! The Federation was lucky enough to capture one enemy weapon and over the course of several years they've managed to duplicate the invaders' incredible technology. Now the Federation is ready to launch its final counterattack-"Operation Last Rally." Their secret weapon is "Veigues," an awesome fighting robot!

An Impossible Mission

Your mission is to guide Veigues through ten terrifying levels of horizontally scrolling combat against the entire enemy army. The action is tough in this one player title, and you've only got one life (no continues) between you and the Game Over screen.

Your goal for each level is basically the same. You guide Veigues across the different terrains-whether it's through a lake, across a rocky field, or inside a hi-tech tunnel. You must reach the end of the stage and defeat a mechanical boss to advance to the next stage. As the different enemies appear you decide which of Veigues' three different weapon systems to deploy, when to battle on the ground, and when to leap in the air.

Game play is based on the "damage" system. To survive and succeed in defeating the enemy you must do more than simply control Veigues' fighting power. In between stages you go to the Supply Screen where you use the points you've earned destroying your enemies to repair any damage Veigues takes, and decide how to arm him to best attack and defend himself in the next level.

A Mean Fighting Machine

Veigues is a fighting vehicle like none you've ever seen before. This giant robot looks clumsy, but it can glide swiftly back and forth across the screen, pivot from left to right, and even leap and eventually fly through the air.

Veigues has a complicated system of weaponry. You monitor Veigue's different functional systems with his "dashboard." Veigues' Shield Pack protects him from enemy shots-as long as it's powered up. The Shield Gauge window tells you how much power Veigues has left in his shield. Veigues can have up to six separate Shield Packs.

To attack his enemies Veigues uses his Right Arm, armed with different kind of Beam Guns, his Left Arm, which packs a Field Punch System, and his Body, which fires a powerful Optical weapon.

Your Vernier Gauge tells you how much energy Veigues has for jumping. As he reaches higher levels of Vernier power he can actually fly across the screen.

Other helpful info on Veigues' dashboard includes an Alarm Message Window which tells you when enemy energy is near and 3-D Searching Radar that lets you know which direction the enemy is coming from.

A Mess of Mechanical Monsters

The enemies Veigues must destroy to survive each stage get stronger with each successive mission. Using their superior technology the enemy has created an army of robots and other mechanical menaces of every shape, size, and color. Ranging from small flying droids to tanks, airplanes, and deadly enemy bosses at the end of each stage this army packs a powerful hi-tech punch.

Mind over Machine

Veigues Tactical Gladiator is an interesting change of pace for TurboGrafx-16 gamers. It's sort of a vehicle game, but not really. It's sort of an action game, but not really. In feet, it's sort of a category unto itself. There's plenty of good old-fashioned shoot-em-up, but the key to Veigues is how well you strategize your use of Veigues, the machine. If you make smart decisions as to how to power Veigues up between stages, he'll survive and keep on fighting! So shoot away, but remember to use your smarts, too! Show them that you're the real tactical gladiator.


  • Beat the Stage 4 enemy boss by standing to the left of the screen and firing at the boss as fast as you can until he runs towards you. Jump to avoid him and then land and resume firing when he runs back to the other side of the screen.
  • Each of the enemy bosses has a distinct pattern. Study it and then use the weapon that best takes advantage of the pattern. For example, beat the Stage 2 boss by standing to the left edge of the screen, firing at him with your Body gun while he's in the air, and then jumping when he lands to avoid the projectiles he fires.
  • By the time you reach Stage 7 you'll need maximum Field Punch Power to battle a veritable horde of mechanical nasties.
  • You'll need high levels of Vernier power when you reach areas such as Stage 5 where you'll have to leap across lava pits to avoid being tried.
  • Sometimes enemies are right on top of Veigues but you won't take any damage as long as you're shooting at them non-stop. For example, these minitanks in Stage 2 can't hurt you as long as you're blazing away at them with your Right Arm or your Rody weapon.
  • Your dashboard indicates how many Shield Packs you have left. II your last Shield Pack is depleted you'll lose your head-literally! Then you'll have another chance and when that Shield is depleted you'll lose your Left. Now you're fighting with just your Right Arm. If the Shield is depleted one more time you'll lose your right arm and you're totally defenseless. When that final Shield is zapped (which it quickly is since you can't defend yourself) you self-destruct and the game is over!
  • If you add one or two Shield Packs per stage you'll have more than enough to protect your sell. Resist the temptation to put all ol your points into Shield Packs. You'll need to improve all of Veigues' weapon systems as well as his detense system or you won't get very far.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

There's not much left of our planet but what there is you must save! Protected by your mechanical suit and armed with high intensity laser guns you must take on the enemy who come at you from the front, back,above and even under the water. Destroy as many as you can and get strength points based on your kill. Use these points to add extra protection to specific body parts as it just gets harder and harder...!

People say:


This is probably one of the lesser entries for this genre on the Turbo. The main character handles with precision of a drunk ice skater, and outside of the assortment of power-ups (which themselves aren't overly special), this game doesn't manage to get very far.


Nothing new here. It's a lot of shooting but that is about all. The game is predictable and while the choice of selectively powering up specific body parts is decent the game just starts to wear on you after a while.


This game is nothing new or exciting. It doesn't exploit any of the true potential of the Turbo and is less than average. I don't like the ice skating robot and its too easy to recharge your life meter. The only things remotely redeeming are the power-ups and the parallax scrolling.


This game lacks in intensity and it is hard to hold my interest. The graphics lack the detail when compared to most 16-bit games, and the music isn't state-of-the-art either. The game play is weak and your robot could move in more directions.

Mysterious Invaders Have Attacked and Destroyed All the Cities Along the Pacific Coast. Their Fighting Strength Goes Beyond Anything Known to This Planet, Even in the Year 2321. Every Weapon That the Federation Army Has Launched Against This Awesome For Has Been Struck Down Like a Child's toy. Does This Spell the End of Mankind We Know It? Not If You Have Anything to Do with It, As You Control Veigues Through Ten of the Most Intense Action-Packed Rounds Ever Made For the Tg-16.

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