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a game by Kemco
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 3 votes
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The Federal government's mainframe computer system has malfunctioned and unleashed a series of nuclear strikes targeting the very people it was supposed to defend. It's up to you to prevent global X-termination. Let the War Games begin!

X Marks the Spot

X-Zone by Kemco is the class of the SNES Super Scope games currently on the market. It's the first game ever to utilize the Cursor button, which projects a cross hair on-screen, enabling you to shoot without looking through the gun sight. This is a great new feature, backed up by an X-cellent, if fairly short and straightforward, first-person shooter.

In the game, you're on a solo commando mission. Your assignment is to blow up the computer's X-Zone perimeter defenses, blast through the door, pulverize the interior guardians, and rearrange the CPU's microchips with machine gun bullets and homing missiles. No pansy strategizing, talking, or RPGing here-just good ol' fashion shoot 'til it stops hovering.

Zoned Out

At any given time, this game tosses an unbelievable number of nasty, but good- looking enemies on-screen, breaking all SNES laws for maximum sprites without slowdown. Mix yourself a coffee and a Jolt cola milkshake, chase it back with a handful of Vivarin, and you're just about ready for this game's intensity level. In Stage 1, you parachute down to the X-Zone in question while the ground and gaggle of enemies rush towards you in a Mode 7 extravaganza. Stage 2 scrolls you across a windswept side- view desert. Stage 3 is a side-scrolling break-in attempt. Stage 4 is a 3-D forward-scrolling area with long, twisting, indoor tunnels filled with creepy crawlies. The Cursor control is flawless, but for some unfathomable reason, normal shooting through the gun sight is misaligned and unplayable. The Cursor is the best, and only, way to play. Speaking of play, you'll get plenty of it since continues are limited to three. X-Zone's challenge is also adjustable, and the game has multiple endings.

ProTip: In Level 3, nail the wall's built-in guns for easy power-ups.

A/V X-tasy?

X-Zone has some really slick visual FXs and great pix of smooth-moving enemies, but the background color shading is simply below par compared to the top of the SNES class. When you only have one music track for an entire game, it better be fairly catchy. Fortunately, X- Zone's is. The sounds are winners.

Good Gunnin'

You always want more of a good thing. While not graphically superior, X-Zone is short and sweet. If you're a Super Scope slinger, definitely add X-Zone to your target practice routine.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Imagine a computer that controls the most essential weaponry of the world. Suddenly, it malfunctions and leaves the future of the planet in your hands. Enter the computer compound and shut it down before it's too late! Armed with your energy launcher and body armor, shoot your way through seven levels of non-stop excitement! Fight wave after wave of land walkers, tanks, jets, sand worms, death probes, missiles and nearly every other weapon imaginable! Select from three difficulty levels and grab your Super Scope. Set your sights on this shooting frenzy, take aim and fire!

In the bleak, nightmarish future of X-Zone, the defense computers of an entire planet have gone renegade! In this new Super Scope entry, you must fight through seven frenzied levels of teeth-grinding marksmanship. It's wave after wave of mechanized mayhem, from walkers, to tanks, to the automated horror of the master computer itself! The future is in your hands so grab the Super Scope and take aim!

People say:


X-Zone represents one of the first additions to the Super Scope library. The designers have done a good job of creating a varied assortment of alien adversaries and most scenes are energized with supporting Mode 7 effects. The effect is good and the complexity of the action, while remaining 2-D, comes off good.


Up until now the Super Scope was a dust collector. Finally someone designed a game that not only works well with the bazooka but it is fun and challenging to play. It is constant action, but with the on screen cursor, at least you don't have to constantly squint through the sighting scope. Buy this one!


This cart has given me a reason to go out and purchase a Super Scope. The game play is great and the cursor sight makes the cart a lot more fun (You don't have to squint through the cheesy sight on the gun). The levels are filled with cool enemies and Mode 7 effects are used in most backdrops. My favorite SS cart to date!


If you already own a Super Scope, then X-Zone is perfect for you! The action is nonstop right from the start, and you really need to keep calm throughout each level. Only patience will win this game, as rockets come at you from every angle! Mode 7 is used everywhere, and I love it! The SS will rock with these games!

X-Zone is a first person light gun game. The player must shoot the robotic enemies on the screen and the projectiles that they launch at the player. Most levels are ended with a battle against a boss, which follows specific patterns and whose systems/weapons must be shot at and destroyed individually.

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