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a game by Asmik
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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This new action cart from Asmik boasts great graphics and interesting game play unique to the Super Famicom. You can choose from a variety of different robots that utilize advanced weaponry to get the point across. With a odd assortment of obstacles in your way, you must battle through different levels ranging from steamy jungles and eerie caverns to icy mountains and huge skyscrapers.

Each of the Xardion robots has special abilities allowing it to transform into powerful weapons capable of destroying the enemy. They can also use a variety of different weapons located throughout each round. Xardion has incredible graphics and super play from start to finish - soon for the Super NES!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Welcome to the Alpha-1 Solar System, home of three intergalactic travelers known as Triton, Alcedes and Panthera. These cyborgs have been dispatched by the Alpha-1 Representatives to stop a war raging between three planets. The invaders from the star NGC-1611 are winning, but you can stop them! Xardion throws tons of cybernetic fun your way while you trounce the enemy as any of the three super robots.

People say:


Xardion could have been the much needed action/adventure title that the Super NES has so far lacked. And while we get an interesting premise with some nice options available, such as alternating between three separate characters, the overall control, speed and technique leaves much to be desired.


While Xardion is not an intense, high speed cart, it does have several original features that let it stand apart from similar titles we've all seen before on the NES. In addition to allowing you to control a cast of three characters that are each endowed with their own abilities, the game challenges the mind with a great quest.


This cart has a few cool features but there is just not enough to impress me. The graphics are good but they're really choppy and the weapons are lame beyond belief. The game play is OK and changing your form is cool, but the game has a lot of neat ideas that never seem to be executed correctly. Only average.


Xardion is a relatively original game, but it lacks in a couple of areas: intensity and controls The controls are choppy and the enemies don't exactly fill the screen. Otherwise, the concept is awesome, and the execution is better than average. It might have been cool to see the robots transform into each other though.

Three warring planets in the Alpha 1 solar system team up when mysterious invaders from the living planet NGC-1611 take them all on. Now three heroes, one from each planet, must band together to find the ultimate cybernetic doomsday device -- Xardion!

Galactic Gunning

Xardion by Asmik is a solid 16-bit action/adventure game with some nifty role- playing elements. Vets from 8-bit run-and -gun shoot-'em-outs will find Xardion's look and feel very familiar. It doesn't really explore new SNES territory, but it's a healthy serving of blast-to-the-last action and its compelling storyline make this game worth a play.

This outer space shoot-em-up is a side-view mix of horizontally and vertically scrolling stages. At the start of the game, a handy star map lays out a path through seven stages, across three planets, and the surface of a star cruiser. Even if you survive all seven stages, don't let your guard down, because the game has more surprises in store for you.

ProTip: Remember where to find pits. That knowledge will be handy later on.

Xardion's graphics and sound don't push the SNES, but they aren't bad. The heroes look sharp and bizarre. The enemies aren't state-of-the-art, but they're nicely detailed. Most bosses are big and colorful. At the end of the quest, you're treated to some nice graphic work. The sound effects are minimal, but the music makes a worthy attempt.

Space Pals

The easy-to-use RPG features are evident early on. You begin the game with three characters that you can switch at any time. Triton's an armored metal mech. Alcedes is a weird-looking, bipedal toad/chicken thing. Panthera's a metallic canine creature. Along the way, each character can grab five types of Items and find four Special Weapons.

  • Triton is best for most fights. Panthera's invincible N-Shield can make the planet Hera's first stage a breeze.
  • If you expose part of an enemy at the screen's edge, you can blast it.
  • Remember where to find life restoring Sub-tanks. You can keep returning to that stage to replenish your supply.

Extraterrestrial Tools

Your gear looks good and comes in handy sometimes, but the key to outgunning the game is to build up experience points by blasting bad guys. This primarily serves to lengthen your Life meter and your Special Weapons Ammo meter.

The action is straight forward and won't tax your brain. It's easy to quickly flip through the three menus to select characters, items, and special weapons. Xardion features automatic battery back-up, which really comes in handy as you get further into the game. The back-up amounts to unlimited continues, so battle-hardened video gamesters will likely make good time.

Sacrificing your characters re-charges their Life meters. Remember, you have unlimited continues.

A Nice Space to Visit

If you're looking for intriguing 16-bit adventure and you have an itchy trigger-finger, Xardion's the ticket. It doesn't take you places you haven't been before, but sometimes an exciting ride is enough.

The Alpha 1 Solar System contains three planets. The inhabitants of these planets have been at war for seven months. Invaders from the distant star NGC 1611 are in position to take over the three planets. Representatives of Alpha 1 dispatched their most advanced cyborgs to NGC 1611. They must eliminate the enemies power source. Communication with the cyborgs has been terminated. It is rumored when all three cyborgs join, they will form the ultimate cyborg... This is the legend of Xardion.

Xardion is the newest entry into the world of the Super Nintendo by Asmik. Asmik designed Xardion to fit all types of players because it is an RPG, action, and adventure game all in one. You can choose from three different cyborgs throughout the game to help you. Each cyborg has their own strengths and weaknesses; such as speed, firepower, and overall strength. With a long quest, excellent graphics, and a nice soundtrack, Xardion is sure to be a hit when it arrives in the stores next March.

Xardion is an action platform game with a role-playing element where experience points could be accrued by defeating enemies and bosses, and each level up rewarded the cyborg with increased maximum life and ammo meters. The player in the game controls different robots with different skills in order to defeat the enemy and reach goals. The player could switch between one of three cyborgs, each with different special abilities and separate life/ammo bars.

While possessing the typical qualities of action platformers at the time it was made (jump, duck, shoot etc.), Xardion made use of a few novel elements.

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