Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth

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a game by Asmik
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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In Wurm from Asmik, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are causing the Earth to shake, rattle, and roll! As Moby, captain of the multi-configuration vehicle Wurm, you lead an expedition force deep into the bowels of the planet.

In between stages (20 total divided into five Acts), the story unfolds in neat cinema sequences. You'll learn that righteous underworld bad guys have plans to conquer the surface. Unfortunately, the same story scenes replay each time, only with different dialogue lines.

Every Which Way You Wurm

Wurm turns towards originality. Instead of delivering straightforward shoot-out action, it offers several fast-paced, albeit familiar, play modes.

Horizontal and vertical game modes are like the scrolling shooter Life Force with alternating side view and overhead perspectives. But as an added bonus you can smoothly switch among a hovercraft, a super jetfighter, and a tank at will. There's also a "Shooting Adventure", that's similar to Rolling Thunder: Moby becomes a one-man army. Finally, Cockpit Shooting plays close to Golgo 13's first person, 3-D target match. In all you'll face six boss monsters and 26 other beasts.


  • Never stay in one position or enemies will charge forward indefinitely.
  • Against the final guardian of Act Five, try the following crystal pattern: green, red, yellow, blue.

Wurmed Out

Wurm gives you your money's worth, but don't expect any change. Its sights and sounds are average, and given passwords and unlimited continues, ditto for the challenge. The most positive trait is the ease of interaction between player and space ship. Wurm certainly isn't the hottest NES blaster around, but it's the best new thumb-burner to show up in a while.

During Cockpit Shooting make sure you talk to everyone at least twice to maximize your Possibility Factor.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews


WURM is the latest action-adventure title that combines multiple styles of play with a storyline filled with detailed cinema intermissions.

You assume the three tiered role as the leader of a group of explorers who take on a mission that leads into a maze of underground caverns. As your mission progresses deeper into the sub-terrainian, you come up against the nastiest of enemies while collecting a myriad of interesting artifacts. These items play an intregal role in the mystery that serves as the central theme of the game.

With your friends captured, you must proceed into the underground to locate their position as well as eliminate the forces that stand in your way. Wurm uses many different types of game play that include action sequences where you pilot a drill, take off on foot with a hand weapons and a mean kick, as well as a first-person dual against the enemy in a side-scrolling environment!

It's 1999 and strange phenomena have been occurring around the globe. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are causing havoc. The ecological balance of the planet is in jeopardy! Hop in your special earth drilling vehicle to solve the problem!

In 1991 Asmik released this video game for the NES.

The plot deals with the violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which make the government to dispatch explorers in VZR's - powerful digging machines, created by Vector Zilus Research group, equipped with the latest weapons technologies. It can transform itself from a drill tank to a hovercraft or else to a super jet fighter. The player takes on the role of Moby, one of the VZR's crew leaders. Moby and her friends discover in the underground the two races of subterranean humans that have been waging a war. Over the game, more characters join the crew.

Wurm: Journey To The Center Of The Earth has got various styles of play, such as side-scrolling travel stages in the VZR, overhead shooting levels, levels where Moby has to leave the vehicle to explore underground ruins, and also first-person shooting levels with boss monsters. There are 26 levels of action to go through in the game.

Wurm stood out as one of the few action games boasting a lot more than just shoot, shoot, shoot, play mechanics. In Wurm you pilot a special craft that can perform a number of incredible feats.

The game is divided into several different sections, including graphic/text screens that help explain the storyline while allowingyou to select different responses to each encounter. Dual-scrolling shooting action leads into first-person target shooting and even new angles of play. Wurm is a different type of shoot-em-up, but refreshing in a number of ways.

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