Fade To Black

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a game by Electronic Arts, and Delphine Software
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: PC (1995), Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 6 reviews, 8 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Fade To Black
Fade To Black
Fade To Black
Fade To Black

Conrad's back! The hero from the 16-bit hit Flashback returns in this 3D sequel, which has a feel a la Resident Evil. No more amnesia-now you've been imprisoned by the lizard-like Morphs, and must blast your way out of six huge levels.

Those who remember the original game will recognize the combination action/puzzle gameplay. The graphics in this nearly completed version are good with well-balanced sound effects and music. However, the camera is jumpier than you'd expect, and the controls aren't as intuitive as they should be. Although it packs some cool elements, this PC port may not be the next PlayStation sensation Flashback fans are hoping for.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

First there was Out of This World, then came Flashback and now players have the opportunity to try Delphine's third attempt, Fade to Black. FTB is an action-filled game that gives you total non-linear control over your adventure. Your mission is to break out of the penitentiary New-Alcatraz and avoid the minions (Morphs) that are tracking you down to kill you. Unlike the first two releases, this one incorporates more shooting action into the plot and less of the classic style of play.

This action still works well within the title, but it is completely different from what was previously known for specifically being a side-scrolling adventure with great cut scenes.

Some of the key features behind Fade to Black are the amazing texture-mapped levels which incorporate an advanced 3-D game engine in order to run the movie-like presentation. This style of gaming promotes the use of the dynamic camera angles that are included to make the playing experience more versatile. Within FtB, players can expect to find six huge levels to explore with many sub-levels and sub-missions in each. These lifelike stages make use of the various weaponry that are specialized for added firepower when you need it. There are also numerous high-tech gadgets to use in the stages. These allow you to get past a variety of stops and riddles that are there to halt your progress. Players can also marvel at the excellent cinemas that are shown as the story unfolds before, during and between levels as well as at key moments in the action.

Fade to Black is played in a unique third-person perspective with a free-roaming camera that automatically changes at key points in the game. This viewpoint also changes as you select a weapon. When a target is in range and the Square button is pressed, the view changes to a closer third-person (over the shoulder) perspective, allowing you to aim with precision at your targets.

The digitized sound in the title adds to the heart-pounding tension felt by the player during an adventure. Although the sound and the moderate action flow do liven up the playing experience, there is still a lonely feeling conveyed to the player as he/she searches through the desolate landscapes. Opposition in these stages is in the form of electronic security devices as well as the Morphs. All of the Morphs can be eliminated with minimal fuss, but many, however, don't go away for very long since they have the uncanny talent of constantly reappearing right in their original position. This is where the wise player learns where in the level it is better to turn tail and run rather than wasting time shooting the same enemy over and over again.

The rest of the levels in Fade to Black combine only small traces of a Flashback style of play in the title. The majority of the action can be compared to a demented version of Resident Evil with few hints of original play.

Although many players may not like Fade to Black because it is a different approach to a popular classic, others may revel at the thought of something new to sink their bloodthirsty teeth into.

Gamer's EDGE

As Conrad, the hero from Flashback, you wake from a long cryogenic sleep to face the same alien enemies you battled 50 years ago. By now. Morphs have taken over the solar system and are out to enslave the human race. As you begin the level you start in the cryogenic chamber, where you receive your message from John. In the message, you are given instructions to reach the Infirmary on level two and acquire the radar scrambler there. The scrambler will then allow the two of you to escape without being detected by the prison security system. The action that follows depends on what you do next. The game is non-linear but you are still semi-restricted in the way you are directed to complete a certain action before you are allowed to proceed.

  • MANUFACTURER - Electronic Arts
  • THEME - Adventure

Fade to Black is the sequel to the very popular game Flashback from Delphine Software. One thing that sets this game apart from all the other sequels is the fact that all the important aspects of the original game, such as items, ene- mies and story line, have been kept intact but with a totally new game design to it: a third dimension! One of the reasons Flashback was such a big hit was the controls. Unlike other action games, players had to use complex moves to complete actions that would have been a breeze on other types of games. (In order to take out an enemy on the top floor of a level, you would have to jump up, hang from the edge of a platform, pull yourself up, duck, pull out your weapon then take your shot.)

The same is true for Fade to Black, but the third dimension adds an entirely new challenge to it. Not only do you have to perform the complex moves, but you also have to watch your back. The game does have a Doom feel, but after about 10 minutes of playing, you'll figure out that speed and the amount of enemies has nothing to do with the game. What the game does have to offer is strategy. Unlike other games, you may only have one enemy to defeat in a room, but figuring out the correct or easiest way to solve a problem could take you some time. In some cases, you will be challenged by a simple mechanism, such as figuring out how to destroy a laser cannon or disarming a forcefield in order to gain access to a new area. Besides getting used to the controls, plan on spending a lot of time on the game. This is definitely not one of those titles that you will be able to rush right through. Also, the graphics are great at the highest resolution setting, but they will bog down on anything less than a high-end Pentium processor.

This captivating sequel blends arcade adventure with strategic game play to create an entirely 3-D world. If you're familiar with Flashback, the story is pretty much the same. You're surrounded by aliens who are outnumbered and fighting for your life!

The game offers six levels, each with its own sub-levels and missions.

In this sequel to Flashback, Conrad B. Hart's once again the hero. While cruising to Earth in a cryogenic sleep, Conrad's hijacked by a crew of Morphs who imprison him in the Lunar Penitentary complex. Your mission: Guide Conrad to freedom.

Although you'll recognize many of Flashback's features in this game, there's one dramatic difference - Conrad's view of the world has busted out of 2D and gone to a 3D perspective with selectable views. As in the original, Conrad has to search each of the game's six huge levels for objects and clues as he seeks to escape. Great gameplay, in combination with the 3D perspective, make this sequel even better than the original.

The creators of Flashback, Delphine Software, developed this sequel to their innovative game. After existing in a cryogenic sleep for 50 years, Conrad's back to rescue the human race from aliens called Morphs. Six labyrinthine 3D levels crisscrossed wit

You hear a sound and you turn to see who, or what, is behind you. Straining to see through the darkness, you spy something shiny; it's too late; something heavy strikes you in the side of the head.You catch a glimpse of an alien closing in as you fade to black....

Actually, that has nothing to do with the game, but it sounded cool. Fade To Black is a new game from the makers of Flashback, one of the best 16-bit games ever. You play Conrad, the protagonist from the former title, recently woken from a cryogenic sleep to discover that the Morphs, the aliens from Flashback, have taken over the galaxy.They want to enslave the humans next, so it's up to you to stop them.

Fade To Black has six enormous levels, each containing endless sub-levels and dangers. In a cross between Resident Evil and Die Hard (part one of the Trilogy game), roam throughout these levels, offing Morphs and restoring peace. A vast array of player animations allow you to do things like duck under fire and peek around corners. Add tons of cinematic sequences and you've got one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

Those Frenchies at Delphine are at it again! This time, the fruit of their labors is Fade To Black. In Fade To Black, you play a guy named Conrad, woken from a hypersleep by some nasty space critters. Now, make your way to freedom from the cell they've tossed you into; oh, and by the way, shoot as many of your reptilian captors as you can on the way.

You may remember Conrad from the popular 16-bit title, Flashback, in which you were on a mission to save the Earth. Now it's not just your butt that needs saving, but for the most part, this is equally important.

Charging headlong into a situation in this game will leave you dead. Plan each one of your moves with the utmost care if you're aiming to succeed.

Readiness is the name of the game. Expect to be shot at in every room you enter.To keep from becoming such an easy target, get into the practice of always entering a room with your gun ready to shoot. It's also a good idea to hug the wall and shimmy in using the L2 and R2 buttons. If there are lots of objects in the room, try entering in a crouch.That'll make you next to impossible to hit at the get-go.

Graphics - 7

Sound/FX - 6

Gameplay - 8

Rating - 8

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