Die Hard

a game by Activision
Platform: NESNES
Genre: Action
Rating: 7/10
See also: Movie-based Games, Die Hard Games
Die Hard
Die Hard
Die Hard
Die Hard

Are you a diehard for action adventure games? Well, then Activision's new six level, single player, strategy adventure game, Die Hard, is just for you. Based on the big screen smash starring Bruce Willis as Officer John McClane, the action in this game is guaranteed to make your heart pound. The Nakatomi Plaza building has been seized by terrorists who are after millions of dollars in bonds; among the hostages are your wife and child. As you attempt to foil the terrorists and save your family, you duck through air vents, shimmy up elevator shafts, and try to confiscate terrorist weapons, such as C-4 explosives and rocket launchers! The bad guys track you from level to level, and a feature called "RealVision" you to see the action through McClane's eyes.

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