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Sega Genesis

Final Zone

Final Zone Game
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Viewed from an isometric perspective, Final Zone has you controlling an armored soldier through 14 futuristic stages.

Tales of Destiny

Up until recently I thought I did not like RPG's. Every time a new game was released, I would dread getting started. The funny thing was that after I started playing the game, you could not pry me away from the screen.

El Viento

El-Viento is a difficult game, but as Annet you are equipped with the skill, the magic, the weaponry, and the agility to progress to the next level and the next, ultimately running the Hastur group out of town for good.
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Sega Genesis

Arcus Odyssey

Arcus Odyssey is a Gauntlet-like game: lots of action and magic, with items to collects, and many dungeons to free from monsters.
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Sega Genesis

Earnest Evans

An Indiana Jones inspired side scroller about a daring adventurer looking for fame and treasure amid the ruins of a lost city deep in the South American jungles.
Sega Genesis

Annet Again

The storm rises once again in Annet Again, the sequel to the popular El Viento series.

Dino Land

Ever played a 3-dimensional prehistoric pinball game? 'Didn't think so. That's why Dinoland is such a crazy, zany game! Join DINO-Bunz and his friends on a wild, prehistoric adventure - pinball style.
Sega Genesis


Players pilot the Sol-Deace in a fight against strategic enemy fighters. Players use a dual cannon pick-up weapon that can fire shots in diagonal angles.
Sega Genesis

Zan Yasha Enbuden

Zan: Yasha Enbukyoku is a Strategy game, developed and published by Wolf Team, which was released in Japan in 1991.
Sega Genesis