Arcus Odyssey

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a game by Wolf Team
Genres: Adventure/RPG, Multiplayer/Hotseat
Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 8 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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If you think hack-n-slash games are beginning to blur together, here's an awesome game that mixes great arcade action and just the right bit of fantasy roleplaying. Renovation gets a big Thumbs Up for Arcus Odyssey.

Arcus is a land torn asunder by a massive battle between the evil sorceress Castomira and the Princess Leaty. The princess won that one, but the fight did her in. Now, forces of evil are on the move, and you must find Leaty's legendary Sword of Light to overcome the dark army.

The Cast of Characters

In this hot adventure, you can become one of four characters, or you can play a two-player simultaneous game, where teamwork is essential to success.

Arcus Odyssey adds depth to the typical magic and weapons combo you find in most sword and sorcery games. Each character has a different weapon and magic ability. You can power-up magic to five levels. Different power levels make each character's unique magic ability react differently. You can also find treasure chests filled with helpful magic items that you carry around until you need them. A handy pop-up window enables you to manage your stuff.

Killer Looks

Once you choose your characters, you're ready to rock. Arcus Odyssey's outrageous graphics hurl you into a fantastic world. Its looks are a killer!

And speaking of killers, all that imaginative scenery and eerie architecture is overrun with deadly, once-human beasts called the Dark Lords. The Lords look cool, and they're bizarre such as the gigantic turtle. You must try to get on top of his shell, then you both rocket around some canals as a little imp keeps popping out of the turtle shell to fire bolts at you.

Most creatures fire some sort of energy or projectile at you, and they have no qualms about nailing you from off-screen.

How You Gonna Act?

This three quarter overhead view adventure covers 8 different Acts with great-sounding, unusual names such as the Pyramid of Bad Attitude Enemies and the Ruins of the Sacred Ground of Rurudo.

ProTip: Enter the second room in Act 3 for bonus chests.

In each multi-area Act you must collect an item such as a sword or keys to complete that particular mission.

If you're anti-social you can look around solo till you find the main item in an Act, but it's better to talk to everyone in the game to get directions.

In Act 3, run for cover when you take this sword!

In fact, in some Acts, such as the Cave Where the Demigod Cried, you can free the Dark Lords' prisoners, who join you and double your firepower!

  • In Act 4, watch for the shadows on the floor. There's a pack of dragons waiting to attack!

  • Spring Fureya from the prison deep within Act 2 to help you. Her guided energy missiles destroy enemies with ease!

  • Get Keyami to join you in Act 5. His awesome firepower pumps up your defenses!

Love at First Fight

A quick glance might lead sword and sorcery vets to compare Arcus Odyssey to Gauntlet. Wrong! No contest! The different quests in each Act will keep you glued to the tube from start to finish. (Don't worry you get passwords.) The graphics in this Genesis masterpiece are both highly detailed and beautifully painted, in the tradition of Japanese fantasy adventures. The characters are nicely animated, too. If you enjoy three-quarter angle action games (or go nuts over video fantasy action), Arcus Odyssey is the best so far!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single game mode

Player controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys
  • Start - Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • "A" Gamepad button - Ctrl (usually Jump or Change weapon)
  • "B" button - Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  • "C" button - Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller.

Game Reviews

Off in a distant time period, two forces clashed. Good and evil. They were in the form of Lealy and the evil sorceress Castomira. Evil had lost this confrontation and was striped of its power over the land. However, Castomira is starting to rise again in the land of Arcus, and now you and a group of warriors are sent to destroy her once and for all. Parallax scrolling and a great sound track are in this Gauntlet style cart.

People say:


Take the animation routines from Final Zone and throw in some RPG overtones and you get this new entry from Reno. While they've mastered the control problems that plagued the earlier effort, the seek and find theme and lack of real confrontation left me cold. Will appeal to some, however.


Arcus is a good change from the run-of-the-mill Sega games that have been coming out recently. I like the two player version and that alone is makes the game worth while. Throw in plenty of action and a funky 3-D perspective and the game comes out good. Control takes some practice.


The game is cool!!!! It has 8 levels of 8 Meg power and the graphics are great. You have a choice of four different characters to play from and I love the Two player simultaneous mode. The one let down in this game is that it is a bit to easy and the end came much to soon for me.


Arcus Odyssey is a little frustrating a first, but the game play becomes better as you go along. It's not a spectacular game, but it reminds me of that cool shooter, Elemental Master for the Mega drive. The 3D perspective here doesn't help the game, but it adds a touch of style.

  • Manufacturer: Renovation
  • # of players: 1 or 2
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: 1st qtr. '94
  • Number of Levels: 8
  • Theme: Adventure

Along time ago, an evil sorceress named Castomira lived in a land called Arcus. Castomira plotted to destroy the whole world in order to rebuild it according to her own evil design. Only one had the power and courage to stop the evil one. A good princess named Leaty, who commanded the powers of light, brought these forces to bear against those of Castomira. The two clashed in the most powerful confrontation in all recorded ancient history. After days of fighting, Leaty was victorious and Castomira was confined to the Dark World. To seal her fate, Leaty forged a magic sword. The sword has come to be called The Power of Leaty. The weapon has now been stolen by the followers of Castomira. It is up to these brave warriors to find the sword and restore peace to Arcus. A good action/RPG game with plenty of magic and mystery, plus a great choice of cool players.

Previously a Genesis game, this has an interesting perspective and enough characters to keep things interesting. It is basically like Gauntlet with its arcade-style action, so fans of that game may want to check this one out.

Travel on a new long adventure which has you traveling you for days. Talk to people and rest in the towns for sleep!

The Power of Darkness is Coming...

Hundreds of years ago, the powerful Dark Sorceress Castomira lived in a land named Arcus. With her dark magic she planned to take over the world and reshape it to suit her black, twisted dreams. Over the years, no force was able to stop her, at least not until a brave woman named Leaty ventured to Arcus. With her gleaming white magic, she challenged Castomira to a duel to the death. After heavy destruction of the surrounding lands, Castomira was banished to the Dark World for all of eternity.

Foreseeing the possible return of Castomira, Leaty forged a magical sword capable of destroying her, should she return to Arcus. Unfortunately, this great sword was lost, and the followers of Castomira are preparing to welcome her return spreading chaos throughout the land. Choose from four mighty warriors in the quest to retrieve the magic sword and return peace to the land of Arcus. Many have tried, and none have ever succeeded!

Act One

Find the road to the prison! Look for the man hidden in the maze, then face the gatekeeper!

Act Two

Find the key! After you get it, free the prisoners. One of them has a special secret for you!

Act Three

Find the five magic swords to open doors to the end boss of the temple. Take a friend!

The magical sword of Leaty has been stolen. You must take your three friends into the 7 labyrinths of the evil sorceress Castomira to get it back. Great pseudo 3-D perspective!

Arcus Odyssey has crept over to the SNES from the Genesis, with very little upgrading. You have to be a fan of the Genesis version to appreciate the shoot-and-scoot play of the latest Arcus Odyssey.

I'll Be Fleeing You

In Arcus Odyssey, you play as one of four warriors with a unique special ability or weapon. Your standard Archer, Sword-swinger, Magic-user, and Whip-slinger are all in the house, this time to bring peace back to the land of Arcus.


  • The Whip-Slinger is the best lighter. She has a longer life bar and great range with her whips.
  • Check the statue just before the entrance to the first area, and you'll receive a helpful hint and some power-ups.

It seems that there once was an evil sorceress who planned to wipe out the world, starting with the town of Arcus. Then a good sorceress harnessed all the powers of light to fight and defeat her.

Wait for this frog to jump before you run past him, then attack him from the back.

You travel through a vast 3/4-overhead world of caverns and mazes. Along the way you'll pick up items to help your quest, like health power-ups and magic spells.

Seen It, Done It

The graphics in Arcus Odyssey are small and crowded. There's not a great amount of detail or special effects in the game and the enemies are uninspired. Each area looks suspiciously alike, and the only real action comes from the beginning animation. You expect more in the SNES. The sounds are pretty decent, although there's not a lot of 'em. The music serves its purpose, and stays faithful to the overall theme of the game.

Odd(ysey) Man Out

If you played Arcus Odyssey on the Genesis, then you've seen it before. If you're looking for an interesting game with little to offer but average graphics and better-than-average music, then this is for you. True RPG fans, though, may want to skirt around the town of Arcus and hold out for meatier titles.

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    Andy said on Forum:

    This is a supurb game that is arcade style like Guantlet but with a element of Role playing thrown in, Very addictive and great fun i think everybody should try this gem out.