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Genre: Sports
Platform: Playstation
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Sony is trying to take it to the next level with 2Xtreme. It's an intense combat racing game that allows one or two players to compete in highly detailed, 3-D-rendered environments. Gamers can choose to take part in inline skating events in Las Vegas, ride skateboards in Los Angeles or race mountain bikes in Africa. This year, not only are there different events, but in each event there are special moves that you can learn to execute. Various power-ups are hidden throughout each course, as well as hidden areas that you can try to find or can just stumble onto.

Each of the four locations in 2Xtreme have three different courses that build in difficulty.

The wide variety of power-ups provided to players include speed bursts, health points and improved jumping and leaping abilities.

Players will be able to find special Keys that unlock secret passages, open paths to shortcuts or provide the player with control over traffic signals or other interactive background elements.

  • MANUFACTURER - Sony Int.
  • THEME - Multi
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

Game Reviews

Fans of the first Extreme Games will be happy to hear that Sony is getting ready to release a sequel. 2Xtreme is expected to contain all the bone-crushing competition of the first game, with the addition of some new courses, new equipment, and a lot of new features.

Players will now compete in four different locations, each with three different courses. This makes for a total of 12 new courses, each with its own attributes, obstacles and dangers. Instead of racing any "vehicle" on any course, the locations are now specifically designed for one particular vehicle. For example, the inline skating competition is now held exclusively in Las Vegas, while the mountain bike races are held in Africa. This was a necessary adjustment because of the equipment change: Although in-line skates, skateboards and mountain bikes have remained from the original version, there is no longer a "street luge" competition. Instead, the designers have introduced a snowboarding competition on the mountains of Japan. This allows for a significantly different racing style as well as a bunch of new tricks.

2Xtreme also includes a new point system, which awards points to players depending on their position at the end of the race and how many points they collected during the

course of the race. Points are awarded when players go through special gates, knock down their opponents or perform tricks, which vary depending on the equipment being used. In addition to points, players can now collect power-ups, like health, speed, strength and jump boosts. These power-ups can be used strategically during the course of the race. Players can also collect keys which control the environment, like turning on stop lights to halt cross traffic. These will also open up secret areas and short cuts.

With 10 different characters each with his or her own special abilities, as well as the ability to create characters. 2Xtreme should appeal to those looking to put themselves in the game. Look for this one sometime this fall.

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