Rosco Mcqueen

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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Rosco Mcqueen
Rosco Mcqueen
Rosco Mcqueen
Rosco Mcqueen

People say:


Please forgive my bluntness, but this game does not deserve to be in the PlayStation library. I haven't seen such a simplistic and repetitive game in a long time. Getting through each stage is a real challenge, not because the game is tough, mind you, but because you do the same thing, over and over and over. And over. Kill enemy. Fight fire. Get more water. Repeat. I kept playing in hopes that the later levels would offer something a bit new or exciting. No such luck. The cartoonish graphics, silly sound effects and simple gameplay may lead you to think that this game was designed for children. Maybe so. but I have a hard time imagining younger gamers could tolerate the shoddy controls--another huge low point of the game. It feels like Rosco is wearing lead boots in the game when he's running around hosing down fires. Aiming is sluggish and precise jumping is almost non-existent. The only people who may appreciate this Saturday morning cartoon are very small children who have never played a good game to be able to tell the difference. Hey, if Rosco McQueen is the first video game you've ever played, then you wouldn't know any better now, would you? Are there any positive things I can say about Rosco McQueen? Ummm...the graphics are nice and colorful...that's all.


Despite the similar gameplay premise, this is not the PlayStation's answer to Burning Rangers. Rosco McQueen is such a simple (i.e., dull) action game that I doubt it'll appeal to anyone out of grade school. Run around, put out fires, rescue victims, collect power-ups, move on to the next boxy level, yawn. The levels lack variety (more secret areas would be a start). And I could do without the cheesy sound effects.


This is actually a pretty awful 3D action game that's masquerading as something original and different. Once you spend some time with the dreadfully linear gameplay, the simple objectives and the naff premise, you realize that it's actually like a first-generation PlayStation game with slightly better graphics and a really stupid name. I like the fact that Rosco's hose seems to run on bottles of Evian though. Very chic.


If I was 10 years younger I might have gotten more of a kick out of playing Rosco McQueen. It's definitely geared toward a younger audience--at least I hope it is. The graphics are OK, but Rosco's just kind of a strange, mostly mindless game. The puzzles (if you can call them that) aren't very interesting or challenging. Even Rosco himself is lame, and so are his catch-phrases. RM is more of a possible rental than anything else.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

You may have been (or perhaps you still are) one of those young lads who wanted to grow up to become a brave fireman (or a police officer, an astronaut or a video game magazine editor). Rosco McQueen gives you the chance to act out those firequenching desires.

This 3D action game puts you in the role of a classic cartoon hero (you know the type: blond, muscle-bound and big-chinned). You must travel through level after level in a towering inferno, killing fire-starting robots, saving civilians, and putting out fires before they spread too far and cause too much damage. You have several tools at your disposal: a robot guide (who will offer hints along the way), axes (to destroy enemy robots with), and water weapons (tike a standard hose or a giant water bomb). With these tools, you'll have to overcome a number of hot obstacles, like backdrafts, smoke and electrical fires.

The game plays like a mix between Sega's Burning Rangers and SCEA's Blasto, with the frantic action of the first and the cartoonish attitude of the latter. Look for this sizzler this summer (sorry, we couldn't resist that sorry-ass pun).


As the titular character of this kiddie action game, you storm through the Tower XS trying to put out fires set by minions of your archenemy, Sylvester I Square. Control problems mean that you can aim your water hose only in a general direction, while the sluggish A.I. (which behaves like the interface of Shadows of the Empire) guides the spray higher or lower. In fact, the flames multiply as swiftly as the problems in this game, which also include repetitive level design, overt cutsey-ness, and poor collision detection. The average soundtrack features temporarily amusing one-liners from Rosco and his companion Digit. The bland visuals are highlighted by brilliant, glowing fire.

Conceptually cool, Rosco McQueen ultimately goes up in smoke.


  • Use the strafe mode to try to take out both sides of this fire at once.
  • When you see this balcony on Floor 2, look for a discolored floor tile for lifesaving treats.

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