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a game by Atari Co., U.S. Gold, and Mindscape
Genre: Sports
Platforms: GameBoy Color, NESNES
Editor Rating: 7.2/10, based on 9 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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720° the daring mid-air double spin, is the world class skateboarder's tour-de-force. Set against the backdrop of Skate City, this high-speed action video game is an endless display of awesome stunts, rad jumps, handstands, and breathtaking spins. Your skillful skating maneuvers score points and earn you tickets to participate in four events — downhill, slalom, jump and ramp. As you tear down waves of ramps with hairpin curves, you must also fend off motorcycle maniacs, mean-looking goons, and other obstacles. Cash prizes can be used to purchase hot skating equipments from the shops, to boost your overall performance, like helmet, skateboard, pads, and high-top shoes. You can also beat the clock to earn bronze, silver or gold medals.

Skate or Die

Whether you are flying down through a series of gates at top speed, or using your quick reflexes and landing on bonus markers, you must race against the time bar. The time bar dwindles as you do your maneuvers. When the time bar disappears completely you are given a couple of seconds to enter an event before a nasty swarm of stinging bees gets the better of you.

ProTip: Remember, the more you spin, the more points you earn. Earn extra points by jumping and spinning over water hazards, grass patches, ramps and curbs.

720° by Mindscape is an entertaining game, challenging you every minute, as the screen scrolls along. The graphics and animation are spellbinding. The musical scores taken right off the coin-op are impressive. As you skate up the side of the concrete tidal wave, can you execute the meanest 720°?

At the beginning of the game buy as much equipment as possible with your $100. Then go to a skate park and your performance will be top notch.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Who says skateboarding is dead? In this port of the classic arcade game, you get to do all the stuff real skaters do: dodge traffic on your way to skate parks (four parks total), avoid swarms of angry bees and go for all of the gold medals. Right. Just like real life. The different parks from the original are back: Downhill, Slalom, Ramp and Half-pipe. 720 is coming from Digital Eclipse Software and Midway in March. All we have to say is this game should be radical...dude.

720 is another arcade classic that is a long time in coming to the video game screen. This all-out skateboardin' adventure challenges players within "Skate City", a special place where all the surfaces are skateable. Enhancement shops where valuable equipment can be purchased, as well as skate parks where more advanced techniques and challenges can be practiced for points, cash, and medals, round out the game.

People say:


720 is an utter disappointment! it's not entirely Mindscape's fault, however, for they have tried quite hard to capture the excitement of the coin-op quarter muncher. The lack of a rotary controller makes multiple spins next to impossible and the whole game is tedious and not fun at all.


Some arcade games just don't translate to the home systems well, and 720 is a good example. While it looks like 720, that's about it. The handling is difficult, and because of this it just doesn't play well. If you can't control your character, then game play becomes frustrating.


Poor graphics and annoying sound make this game dull and boring compared to Ultra's Skate or Die. The screens look washed out and the sloppy control makes 720 almost impossible to play. A lack of variety doesn't help this cart much either. This is a big loss for fans of the arcade.


What a disaster! This game doesn't look like the arcade, doesn't play like the arcades, doesn't sound like the arcades and isn't fun like the arcades. This cart isn't worthy of the 720 name. Just because you have all the ingredients, don't think you can make a stunning dish. Someone lost the recipe here.

In this coin-op conversion you must ride your skateboard around the neighborhood avoiding traffic and killer bees. Try to pick up enough stray cash to get you into the skate parks and win some serious bucks to upgrade your gear. "Skate or Die!" dude.

  • Manufacturer: Mindscape

The game 720 degrees is a solid adaptation of the Atari arcade game that brought the joys of skateboarding to the computer-game universe. As with the coin-op, the C-64 version of 720 degrees was designed as the ultimate theme park for joystick jammers. In addition to the sprawling Main Park, with its obstacles, ramps, sidewalk and blacktop, the layout includes four specialized event areas and a quartet of shops selling everything from helmets to knee-pads.

The player starts out with $100, to be used to buy equipment and a skateboard. Points are accumulated by performing spins and jumps in the Main Park, while avoiding cars, motorcycles, Frisbees and the world famous "Skate or Die" bees, who turn up when the player is almost out of time. Points are used to gain access to the four different event areas located at various points throughout the park: Downhill, Slalom, Jump and Ramp. After completing all four events, the player advances to the next skill level.

This little piece of skateboard heaven also contains four shops, each selling a specific piece of equipment: skateboards, helmets, shoes or pads. The player can make only one purchase from each shop on any given level. A new skateboard permits higher jumps, and the shoes improve speed, while helmets and pads protect the jammer from being wiped out in a crash.

Jumps and spins are the basic medium for obtaining points. On spins, the more the player-character spins, the more points the player earns. A single spin is a 180 degrees worth 100 points; a double spin is a 360 degrees worth 200 points; a triple is a 540 degrees good for 300 points; and the ultimate, a 720 degrees, is a quadruple spin valued at 500 points.

With the exception of the Ramp event, which is seen in a modified side perspective, 720 degrees uses an angled overhead viewpoint in all events and in the Main Park. The graphics are sound, if unspectacular, and the player-character animations are excellent. The Main Park is the most visually impressive part of the game, with its realistic layout, giant ramps and amusing obstacles. The three downhill events, on the other hand, don't have much to distinguish them.

The three downhill events are the Downhill, the Slalom and the Jump. The Downhill is a race against time, down a series of connected ramps built on stilts over water. The ramp sections are slightly separated, so the skater must jump from one to another. In the Slalom, the player-character also skateboards downhill, this time passing through a series of gates positioned along a solid ramp-way. The Jump event also sends the skateboarder down a ramp, but this one has both bonus markers (land on them for extra points) and water hazards, which must be vaulted with perfectly timed leaps. Obviously, these events are much too similar. They produce a visual redundancy that keeps 720 degrees from being memorable.

The Ramp event is the standard semicircular "concrete tidal wave", familiar to all fans of skateboarding. The skater starts out by riding down along the curve, building momentum, then shooting up the other side, into the air. While in the air, practiced jammers can execute spins, handstands, slides and skating handstands for points.

Beyond the uninspired downhill events, the biggest problem faced by 720 degrees is the fact that it must compete with Kosaka, Landrum & Bunch's classic C-64 version of Skate or Die (Electronic Arts). Although the 1986 copyright notice tells us that Atari's skateboarding coin-op predates and probably inspired Skate or Die, the brute fact is that Skate or Die does virtually everything better than 720 degrees.

Thus, 720 degrees is a modestly successful program and diehard skateboarders will probably want to check it out. But the sport was recreated better in the earlier program.

Yo, dude? Can you make the meanest 720° around? Well, head for Skate City and show us your stuff. Based on an arcade classic this world class skateboard title is an endless display of awesome stunts, rad jumps, handstands, and breathtaking spins. Participate in four events-downhill, slalom, jump, and ramp. Earn cash prizes and use the money to buy better equipment. And remember, Skate City is skateboard heaven!

720°, or 720 Degrees is skateboarding game, was one of the first extreme sports game.

Play as skateboarder in Skate City, one of the largest skateparks. 720 Degrees begins with the player controlling a skate-rat skating around a neighborhood using different objects as ramps for jumps. By doing jumps and tricks, you can eventually acquire enough points to compete at a skate park. But, if you don't get to a competition in time, the infamous "Skate Or Die" message appears, and then you have to hurry!

Participate in competitions to earn medals and cash. Visit skate shops to upgrade your gear and improve your skills.

In order to win, you must complete a total of sixteen events through four hubs.

It is skateboarding game released in 1986 by Atari. It was the first extreme sports videogame. You run your skate using miscellaneous objects as ramps to perform loops and jumps. You have a number of tickets to enter one of four parks where you can win cash, buy equipment and improve your skills. The timer shows you time left upon arrival of "Skate or Die" choice - you are to either enter a tournament or die by killer bees.

There are four levels of difficulty in this game, each is presented by a Skate City which is a gate between four parks. Thus you have to win a total of 16 events to complete the "720 degrees". To locate all these parks you need to find a map icon and roll over it. Flying hammers, water, sand, cars and motorcycles are all over roads so beware of them or you can lose your life.

This is the first extreme sports video game and it has got a unique timed structure that in order to keep the game going requires the player score points. Released in 1987, this arcade, skateboarding game was published by U.S. Gold Ltd. and developed by Atari Games Corporation.

An ultimate trick, turning a full 720° (two complete circles) in the air after jumping off a ramp gave its name to this video game.

In Skate City, there are four events for a skateboarder to complete. They are: Ramp (the highest-scoring event), Downhill, Slalom (the player has to pass between pairs of blue flags spread along the course), Jump (there is a series of ramps and the player has to hit a bull’s-eye target off the screen; most difficult). In each event, the player gets points and money for high scores.

There are a skate shops all over the park. You can upgrade your gear there and also improve your skills. There are competitions, to take part in and earn medals and cash to use in the shops. Only, if you don't get to a competition in time, the infamous "Skate Or Die" message will appear, and then you really will have to hurry.

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