Paperboy 2

a game by Tengen, Mindscape, and Atari Co.
Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Educational/Kids
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis SNESSNES NESNES GameBoy GameGear
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 8 reviews
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Paperboy 2
Paperboy 2
Paperboy 2
Paperboy 2

Paperboy delivers!

Paperboy , perhaps one of the hottest arcade coin ops in history, is coming to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System! Super NES Paperboy 2 brings the true arcade experience home and even adds some new twists and turns! Instead of just going up a oneway street, you get to turn corners and move freely about the screen! Of course, you can't backtrack, but you're so good, you won't miss your customers, right?

Paperboy 2 on the 16-bit Super NES is even better than the arcade! All new obstacles, bonuses, and clean graphics are all improved over the coin op original.

Keep an eye out for bonuses!

Super NES Paperboy is loaded with surprises and hard to reach bonuses. The way to really rack up points isn't just delivering your papers, but to stop crooks, smash the windows of non-customers, tame vicious dogs, and otherwise destroy any obstacles!

Paperboy 2 on the small screen!

This awesome arcade classic has made into nearly every home video game format possible, and the Game Boy is no exception! On the small screen, Paperboy 2 comes off very well. In fact, the game has incredible control and graphics, something not found on many Game Boy titles. All of the original hazards and power ups are present, even the bonus rounds! Try to increase your subscribers, vandalize non-customers, and even stop burglars for really big points!

Game Reviews

Most paperboys deliver the daily news to eagerly awaiting customers in the bright and sunny morning. Today, however, a new paperboy has hit town and the streets won't be safe for long.

Three difficulties levels and the choice of being a paperboy or girl are added to this version. Throughout your trip, the neighborhood will threaten your delivery. You can strike back by knocking people into swimming pools or even become a hero by stopping a bank robber!

Once you make it past the furor of the city streets, an obstacle course awaits. By maneuvering through the chasms and hitting the targets, you can become the ultimate paperperson!

Reed all about it!

Just when you thought it couldn't be done! Paperboy 2 is coming to the Game Boy! All of the new twists and turns are hitting the smalll screen with a huge impact! Improved graphics, more on screen interaction, and a nifty password option truly bring the arcade experience home! Take control of either a paper boy or girl, and hit the streets! This time, citizens aren't going to just sit and let you hit them! Some of them get up and storm after you! Better watch your throw. Still, the challenge is not only greater, but it's deeper. The street twists and turns and the paper route gets more complex. Okay, enough reading! Start playing!

Extra, extra!

Read all about it! Paperboy 2 is available for the Super NES! For all of you who enjoyed the coin-op original, this sequel of sorts is guaranteed to please you! The graphics are, of course, superb, and the levels are harder! First, you must choose whether you want to be a paper boy or a paper girl. Then, pick your route! Easy Street is definitely the choice for the nice player, but even Easy Street is challenging! No longer are you limited to straight up and down streets. Now, your route has twists and turns, and more dangers then ever before! Keep an eye out for gargoyles with extremely bad breath! Or how about that paranoid dude who outfitted his house with cannons? Of course, the original hazards are all present, including the rabid tad dogs and the crazy road hogs! It looks like the life of a paper boy (or girl) just isn't getting any easier! The object is the same: deliver papers and gain new customers, smash windows, stop burglars, and just make a mess. Oh well, a little vandalism never hurts in a video game...

Paperboy is back and this time he has even more obstacles to deal with. These include haunted houses with gargoyles that shoot at you, forts that shoot cannons, baby carriages, tire rolling men, and plenty of other humorous displays. You can choose to be a paperboy or a papergirl. Deliver the papers to the people on your route and be a menace to the people who are non-subscribers. Get big points for throwing the papers in the mailboxes. You also get points for breaking windows and hitting people who get in your way. Make sure that you deliver papers to the subscribers on your route or you will take the risk of getting fired! Try not to crash too many times because that will also get you canned. Avoid your obstacles and make it through the week to advance to other streets.

Expect more challenges and more variety, with left and right sidewalks in this version. Go through a massive obstacle course in order to make your way through the neighborhood.

This sequel to the classic coin-op features an all new neighborhood to explore and deliver papers to. Improved graphics and sounds plus a variety of new aspects to the game play make it even more fun.

You take on the role of an ordinary paperboy (or girl) delivering papers to all the subscribers on the street. But there are plenty of obstacles in your way such as loose dogs and swarms of bees. Also non-subscribers to annoy and also criminals to catch. Hell, some people shoot cannon balls at you!

And you'd better be very sure to only throw papers at the right houses!

Paperboy 2 features:

  • 2 Players
  • 21 levels
  • 3 Levels of difficulty
  • Play as either the Paperboy or Papergirl

The average paperboy never had it so tough! Paperboy 2 from Mind-scape is now available for your GameBoy! Choose from either a paperboy or papergirl and deliver your papers! Watch out for the various obstacles along the way, like tires, cars, gargoyles, and dogs. Pick up more papers to finish your route and then head into the obstacle course to rack up more points in this great arcade translation!

People say:


Although this game is not as ambitious as the expanded Super NES version, I think it works better because of its simplicity. Don't get me wrong, it is a good representation of Paperboy, but there are a few drawbacks that unfortunately can't be avoided on the small GameBoy screen. A nice game that should appeal to fans.


Paperboy is a great game for the younger player. Breaking windows and other nasty deeds are always fun things to do, as long as it's on a video game. Decent control, and just a lot of fun. It's a great no-brainer cart for those days when you want to play games but don't want to think. Better than average.


I never liked PaperBoy much but it's not the worst game around. The graphics are good and the game play is decent. The black and white graphics don't do anything for me. The screen is too small and the game is just a little repetitive for a portable cart. If you like Paperboy and have a GameBoy it is a good translation.


Paperboy is one of those arcade classics that never seems to translate very well. Game Boy Paperboy 2 expands on the original, but bombs on the graphics. The blurring effect of the Game Boy destroys the game play, though it has good control. If it were the same game on the NES, it would rate a 7. Retire the B&W, "big N!"

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    Andy said on Forum:

    This game brings back so many memories, And it is still good today!, The games they make now do not have the charm, Sense of humour!, This is a must download and if you like it try Paper boy 1, The graphics ain't as good but it is easier, Slightly....

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