A Zombie's Life

Install A Zombie’s Life to see if you can survive in a zombie apocalypse. This is no normal zombie apocalypse as you are one of only a few men left and you need to have sex with as many women as possible.
a game by Nergal
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 6 votes
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A Zombie's Life
A Zombie's Life
A Zombie's Life

Don’t let the innocuous name deceive you: A Zombie’s Life is a spicy adult game that focuses on one of the last surviving males on planet Earth getting it on with as many hot babes as he can. After all, what’s a zombie apocalypse for if you can’t at least enjoy yourself before you go?

Surprisingly, this 2D smutfest hides more under the hood than it initially lets on, containing some considerably deep survival and base-building mechanics that you’ll have to keep in check between every pounding session. As addictive as it is explicit, this is a game that’s sure to raise more than just the dead.

Survive and Thrive

After a deadly virus has killed every adult male on Earth, only the younger guys and all the female population are left to inherit the ruins of society. All is not bad for our protagonist, though, as he now discovers that being the only guy in a city of girls has its benefits.

The game is presented in a visual novel style, featuring tons of 2D art for each and every one of the game’s naughtiest moments. If you have ever played Summertime Saga before, then the idea of combining this sort of smut game with light RPG elements shouldn’t be that alien to you.

Here’s where things get interesting, though: there’s more to A Zombie’s Life than just banging anything with two legs. Players will also have to keep a close eye on their resources and the status of their safe haven. This is a zombie survival game, after all.

Not only is A Zombie’s Life a decent collection of suggestive art and explicit scenes, but it also has some resemblance to Project Zomboid. If you ever wondered what a zombie apocalypse would be like if it was sexy, then this is definitely the game for you.

Survivors and Lovers

By now, it should be obvious that the whole “zombie apocalypse” setting of A Zombie’s Life is there just to give players a somewhat believable scenario where they could create an entire harem without any competition. There are lots of candidates to romance in the game, each with unique scenes that can be unlocked through their storylines.

Regarding the game’s art direction, that might be one of the title’s most divisive areas. While the general UI and the overworld map make are more than serviceable – especially for this type of game – some of the characters and intimate scenes lack the polish of games like Summertime Saga or the Princess Trainer Gold Edition series by Akabur.

For what it's worth, it's refreshing to see an adult title like A Zombie’s Life going the extra mile to overcome the limitations and prejudices of its genre. Sure, it’s still little more than a naughty little title that knows exactly what its fanbase wants, but maybe that’s what makes the game feel so much better than other similar games.


A Zombie’s Life delivers both a serviceable story and all the naughty bits that players know to expect from the genre – even if some of the art could use a little polish.


  • Surprisingly deep survival gameplay
  • Engaging story to tie things together
  • Tons of very specific material


  • The art style is a bit messy in some scenes
  • Content can feel a bit scarce beyond the survival aspects

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A Zombie's Life is a post-apocalyptic RPG in which you will have hot sex with female survivors.


A mutated virus has turned out to be remarkably selective - it affects only adult males. Only the very young, almost boyish boys survive. Now there are a lot of free adult women in town who miss a good man's hug. But around wander crowds of hungry zombies, which turned into the entire male population. It is necessary to build shelters, protect female relatives and shoot the walking dead. In such a nerve-racking environment, you just have to relax, and grateful girls warmly thank the guys for their care.


Indie developer Nergal has created a classic RPG with elements of horror and visual novel. You get the role of boy Bob, who must find shelter for his mother and sister Abby. Explore the city, watch for weather changes and the change of day and night, replenish your inventory with useful resources, and communicate with survivors.


If you want more games like this, download Rape Day, Overgrown: Genesis, and Zombie Zone.


  • Cute cartoon graphics
  • Lots of animations


  • Not all characters in the game are under the age of 18

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