Bastard Girls R

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a game by Leocid2
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Bastard Girls R
Bastard Girls R
Bastard Girls R
Bastard Girls R

With a very attention grabbing title, Bastard Girls R is a fairly interesting lewd sandbox style game that has some pretty interesting ideas. However, let's face it, it is those giant amazon style chicks with the massive boobs that have brought us to the game. While we came for the big chicks, the story that is being told here is actually pretty interesting and far more interesting than most people are giving it credit for. It may not excel when it comes to the gameplay, but there was certainly something here that kept me playing.

Not Your Usual Kind Of Academy

The premise of the story being told in Bastard Girls R really did pique my interest right from the start and kept it until I stopped playing the game. Basically, our main character has had a hard life. He lost his mother when he was born and his father has passed away in a car accident. This meant he had to go and live in an orphanage, but one day when he is old enough, he gets a special offer to go and study at this strange academy on a mysterious island where nothing is quite what it seems.

Me Want Snu-Snu!

Not very often do I get to break out a vintage Futurama reference like that one there! What I loved about the story was that the island academy that you go to in Bastard Girls R has the hottest, biggest, and sexiest chicks you will ever see. These girls are pretty wild too and a huge theme of the story is you being the one guy on the island that can give these girls what they want. I do not want to jump into spoiler territory for you, but it is quite entertaining and there is a bit of a mystery about it too.

Grinding, But Not On My Lap

One area that most people who have played Bastard Girls R will criticize is the grind. The grind in this game is pretty brutal. There are what feels like a million stats in the game and each one needs to be grinded in order to move them up. I tend to have a higher tolerance for grinding than most people, but even I found this to be a bit much. The thing is, if you cut the grinding by about half, the game would have been pretty damn good.

My Kind Of Ladies!

What I really like about Bastard Girls R is the way that the girls look. These are all big boss babes and they look fantastic. It gives the girls a much more unique kind of look to them and it makes the game really stand out. Even when they are clothed, these character renders look great and it is by a mile the highlight of the game for me. The XXX content in the game which takes a while to get to thanks to the grinding which I am sure will, unfortunately, be a deal breaker for most people so they will not even get to see most of the good stuff that is on offer.


Look, there are some things that I really do like about Bastard Girls R. To start with, it probably has the hottest looking chicks of any lewd game that I have played this year. I got a real kick out of the amazon style of these ladies. The lewd content is great and even when they are dressed, they look great. I just have to be honest and say that the grinding in this game is near game ruining levels of annoying. You have to really like the way these chicks look to stick with the grind here. (based purely on those hot amazon chicks!)


  • Did I mention I love the big hot chicks!
  • The character renders are great
  • The lewd content is awesome
  • Even when these girls are dressed, they look amazing


  • This game has some of the most brutal grinding of any lewd game
  • There are way too many stats to grind

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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